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ea0022p79 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2010

Cutoff point, upper and lower QUS parameters values in diagnosing demineralisation in cases with ESRD

Bucuras Dana , Poenaru Dan , Golea Ovidiu

Background: The British Society for Osteoporosis proposed a method for comparing different diagnostic measurements for BMD. It defines the upper and the lower limit for the investigated assay, that will identify osteoporosis with a sensitivity of 90% (the upper limit) and a specificity of 90% (the lower limit), compared with the defined golden standard method, mainly DXA for spine or hip. This rationale generate small number of false positive or negative results.<p class="...

ea0020p226 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2009

The new biology of pituitary natriuretic peptides: novel signalling from guanylyl cyclase-B (GC-B) receptors

Dana Bucuras , Dan Poenaru , Ovidiu Golea

Backgound: ESRD is associated with reduce bone mineral density compared with aged-matched healthy population. DXA is the standard noninvasive method to assess BMD. It is expensive, needs special equipment, X ray exposure, movement of the patients. QUS is inexpensive, mobile, easy to perform, radiation free, recognize for screening abilities and risk fracture prediction in normal population. This study assessed the ability of QUS versus DXA in determine BMD in haemodialised pop...