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ea0029p1260 | Obesity | ICEECE2012

Usefulness of preoperativee exenatide in control of risk factors for bariatric surgery on type 2 diabetic patients with morbid obesity

Martin-Hernandez T. , Clara G. , Gonzalez N. , Martin V. , Torres A. , Gentil A. , Morales A.

Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate effects on glycemic control, body weight and cardiovascular risk factors (BP, lipids and Epworth sleepiness scale) in diabetic patients with morbid obesity treated with exenatide.Material and methods: We studied consecutively 21 T2DM patients, all of them treated with metformin full dosage and insufficient metabolic control referred to our clinic for preoperative control of bariatric surgery. Twelve of ...

ea0029p1815 | Thyroid cancer | ICEECE2012

Calcitonin levels in washout of cytology needle on thyroid nodule without suspicion of medullary thyroid carcinoma

Martin T. , Garcia C. , Gonzalez N. , Sanchez P. , Barco A. , Martin V. , Sendon A.

Introduction: We study the calcitonin levels measurement in the washout of FNAB needles after sampling each thyroid nodule (FNAB-CT) as an approach to calcitonin normal value in them and distinguish of MTC and to correlate with serum CT (sCT) and cytology FNAB.Material & Methods: 109 consecutive subjects (mean age 53.7±13.4, range 18–85 yr, 79.8% females, 27.5% smokers, 18.3% autoimmune thyroid disease) initially no suspicious for MTC who u...