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ea0084ps1-02-18 | Hypothyroidism | ETA2022

Human cerebral organoids as in vitro platform to assess thyroid hormone system disrupting chemicals

Fernandez-Vallone Valeria , Hellwig Lina , Opitz Robert , Obermayer-Wasserscheid Benedikt , Wiese Niklas , Rijntjes Eddy , Kohrle Josef , Mergenthaler Philipp , Stachelscheid Harald

Thyroid hormones (TH) play a fundamental role in brain development. Changes on TH availability during pregnancy and early childhood can lead to neurological disorders. Accordingly, concerns are mounting that exposure to environmental compounds capable of interfering with TH action can disrupt neuronal development. Current approaches to categorize chemicals as thyroid hormone system disrupting chemicals (THSDC) are mainly based on determination of changes in circulating TH conc...