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ea0051oc7.8 | Oral Communications 7 | BSPED2017

Out of hours telephone advice service improves emergency department attendances for diabetes related complications

Holloway Edward , Bailey Matthew

Introduction: We sought to the impact of an out of hours telephone advice service for children and young people with diabetes mellitus on Emergency Department attendance rates.Methods: In July 2014 we commenced a collaborative service for 240 patients with diabetes across two Paediatric diabetes centres- Croydon University Hospital (CUH) and St George’s University Hospital, London. Paediatric diabetes specialist nurses and consultants in Paediatric ...

ea0058p064 | Diabetes | BSPED2018

A case of HHS mixed with DKA and severe hypernatraemia

Holloway Edward , Lau Sinny

Introduction: A 7 year old boy with history of Joubert’s syndrome presented with first presentation of type 1 diabetes mellitus in Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and a hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar state (HHS). His underlying neurological condition made clinical assessment difficult and he had reduced GCS with intermittent apnoeas but no respiratory compromise. Using the BSPED guideline (2015) for DKA he was managed with cautious fluid replacement despite his hyperosmolar stat...

ea0027p46 | (1) | BSPED2011

The use of glucose meter downloads in monitoring childhood diabetes mellitus

Holloway Edward , Mazzola Francesca , Hulse Tony

Aims: The use of glucose meter downloads provides statistics (mean blood glucose level, S.D.) which may have a role in outpatient Diabetes monitoring. We aimed to compare these measures with the current gold standard, HbA1c.Methods: Thirty-eight patients had blood glucose readings downloaded from their monitoring device (Accuchek) at clinic visits over 25 months. Statistical analysis from the Accuchek Software package was per...

ea0027p49 | (1) | BSPED2011

Frequency of blood glucose testing correlates poorly with HbA1c values in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Holloway Edward , Mazzola Francesca , Hulse Tony

Aims: The use of glucose meter downloads in outpatients enables clinicians to monitor how frequently children with type 1 diabetes mellitus are testing their blood glucose level on a daily basis. We tested the hypothesis that increased frequency of blood glucose testing improves HbA1c value, the current gold standard in monitoring diabetic control.Methods: Thirty-eight patients had their glucose meter (Accuchek) downloaded at outpatient clinic vis...

ea0051p085 | Diabetes | BSPED2017

Differences in HbA1c among different ethnicities

Cocca Alessandra , Holloway Edward , Buchanan Charles , Hulse Tony

Introduction: Several studies have described ethnic differences in HbA1c. Non-Caucasian patients have been found to have a higher HbA1c than the Caucasian ones. These differences have often been attributed to disparities in access to medical care or quality of the care. However differences in HbA1C in ethnic minorities could also relate to biological factors so we looked at mean levels of glycaemia. The aim of our study was to observe if there is a similar correlation between ...

ea0030oc3.5 | Oral Communications 3 | BSPED2012

Childhood type I diabetes education at time of diagnosis: what patients want to know

Holloway Edward , Wilkinson Dominic , Squire Yolande , Holzmann Jonathan , Lyddall Anne , Bahl Shailini

Introduction: National and International Guidelines on the education of children and families when diagnosed with type I diabetes are largely based on clinicians’ opinion but not patients’ or parents’ views on this important issue. We conducted a literature search using EMBASE, MEDLINE and CINAHL databases from 1980 to present which found no articles relating to patient opinion.Methods: We developed a questionnaire from a list of 34 educat...