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ea0029p508 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

Influences of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake on glycemic control in patients with diabetes mellitus in Tokyo

Kumagai N. , Muroya Y. , Shimodaira M. , Tsuzawa K. , Honda K.

Objectives: Huge 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami attacked eastern areas of Japan, on March 11th 2011. They claimed more than 20,000 lives and destroyed the nuclear power plants. Although the property damage was very little in Tokyo, about 250 miles apart from the epicenter, the people in capital faced a lot of hard situations. For example, unusual food supply, the lack of the daily necessities, the limitation of the electricity supply, and a fear of hundreds of aftershocks and...

ea0029p77 | Adrenal cortex | ICEECE2012

Significance of ACTH stimulation test in the diagnosis of an aldosterone-producing adenoma

Sonoyama T. , Sone M. , Miyashita K. , Tamura N. , Yamahara K. , Park K. , Oyamada N. , Taura D. , Inuzuka M. , Kojima K. , Honda K. , Fukunaga Y. , Kanamoto N. , Miura M. , Yasoda A. , Arai H. , Itoh H. , Nakao K.

Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a major cause of secondary hypertension. Among PA, the diagnosis of an aldosterone-producing adenoma (APA) is critical because an APA can be cured surgically. Adrenal venous sampling (AVS) is the golden standard test in the diagnosis of an APA, but is available only in specialized medical centers. Meanwhile, aldosterone secretion of an APA is reported to be more sensitive to ACTH than that of idiopathic hyperaldosteronism (IHA) or essential hypert...

ea0026p18 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2011

Bilateral primary adrenocortical carcinomas developing severe muscle weakness

Kumagai N , Shimodaira M , Tsuzawa K , Sorimachi E , Kametaka M , Honda K

Introduction: Primary adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a rare adrenal tumor and bilateral tumors are reported in 10% of total patient with ACC in Japan. We present a case of bilateral ACCs accompanied by severe muscle weakness.Case report: A 63-year-old male patient with bilateral adrenal masses was referred to our department for the examination and treatment of progressive muscle weakness and appetite loss lasting over 2 months. He was not able to stan...