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ea0056p692 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2018

Delayed puberty vs hipogonadotropic hypogonadism; how long to wait to treat?

Munoz-Garach Araceli , Diaz-Perdigones Cristina , Cornejo-Pareja Isabel , Mancha-Doblas Isabel , Tinahones Francisco J

We presented the case of a 21 years old patient, derived from Primary Care to evaluate low testosterone levels (total testosterone (TT) 0.44 ng/ml). His father had delayed pubety and his mother menarche was at 11 years. No other personal history of interest. He had adequate child development and vaccination. No parotiditis. He referred some morning erections. Weight 59 kg, size 171 cm and BMI 20.17 kg/m2. Testes volume (TV) of 4-5 cc, scanty pubic hair. Tanner stage...

ea0049ep614 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2017

New long-acting insulins in type 1 diabetes: implications for real clinical practice

Damas-Fuentes Miguel , Diaz-Perdigones Cristina , Munoz-Garach Araceli , Molina-Vega Maria , Hernandez-Garcia Carmen , Cornejo-Pareja Isabel , Mancha-Doblas Isabel , Tinahones-Madueno Francisco J

The emergence of a new generation of long-acting insulin analogues (insulin degludec -ID- and insulin glargine 300 U/ml -IG300-) has increased treatment options in type 1 diabetes (T1D), demonstrating in clinical trials better metabolic control with lower hypoglycemia rates.Objectives: To assess characteristics of T1D patients who were given ID and IG300 in clinical practice and to evaluate their effect on metabolic control, weight, insulin dose and hypo...