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ea0067o33 | Oral Presentations | EYES2019

Bone health and final height in craniopharyngioma patients

van Santen Selveta S , Olsson Daniel S , Hammarstrand Casper , Wijnen Mark , Johannsson Gudmundur , van der Lely Aart J , Heuvel-Eibrink MM van den , JCMM Neggers Sebastian

Objective: Craniopharyngioma (CP) is a benign tumor of the sellar/hypothalamic region. It is associated with endocrinopathies, which may potentially impair bone health. Our objective was to determine bone health status in CP patients.Methods: In this retrospective study, Dutch/Swedish CP patients were included if data was available on fractures, bone mineral density (BMD) (T/Z-score), or final height (age >18 years). Data is presented as mean±<s...

ea0063oc3.5 | Cushing's and acromegaly | ECE2019

T2-signal intensity, SST receptor expression and first-generation somatostatin analogues efficacy predict hormone and tumor responses to pasireotide in acromegaly

Coopmans Eva C , Schneiders Joppe J , El-Sayed Nour , Muhammad Ammar , Hofland Leo J , Petrossians Patrick , van der Lely Aart. J , JCMM Neggers Sebastian

Background: Previous studies indicate that PAS-LAR can achieve control of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) levels and may reduce tumor size, however a subset of acromegaly patients responds poorly. T2-signal intensity, somatostatin receptor (SST) subtype 2 and 5 expression, and the response to first-generation somatostatin receptor ligands (SRLs) are recognized predictors of therapy response. Valid prediction of the response to PAS-LAR can alter treatment stratification.</...