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ea0026p678 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2011

Insulin analogue management: subjective and objective assessment of life quality in patients previously managed with human insulin

Gluvic Zoran , Rasic-Milutinovic Zorica , Tica Jelena , Lackovic Milena , Vujovic Marina , Popovic-Radinovic Vesna , Isenovic-Milivojevic Esma , Jankovic Jelena

Introduction: By using insulin analogue, it is expected to improve glycemic regulation in poorly controlled type 2 diabetes (t2DM). The aim of the study was to examine the quality of glycemic control and quality of life (QoL) of patients managed with insulin analogues, previously treated with human insulin.Materials and methods: The pilot study included 30 t2DM outpatients, divided into two groups (15 subjects) – the first group was treated with hum...

ea0084ps2-08-67 | Thyroid Cancer BASIC | ETA2022

Down-regulated HSA-MIR-204-3p may identify high-risk papillary thyroid carcinoma patients

Stojanović Stefana , Selemetjev Sonja , Đorić Ilona , Jankovic Jelena , Živaljević Vladan , Tatić Svetilsav , Išić Denčić Tijana

Objectives: Finding novel tumor markers capable to recognize aggressive papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) forms are of great importance. We evaluated hsa-microRNA-204-3p (miR-204-3p) for differential diagnosis of thyroid tumors and assessed its prognostic usefulness.Methods: MiR-204-3p levels were determined in 77 PTC cases of diverse histological variants, 12 cases of follicular thyroid adenoma (FTA), and 89 matched nonmalignant thyroid epithelial tissu...