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ea0012p84 | Pituitary | SFE2006

Cinderella’s story: the psychosocial impact of pituitary conditions

Osbourne M , Jackson S , Morris M , Ashley K

Pituitary disorders are relatively uncommon conditions which leave patients feeling isolated and distressed. Acromegaly and Cushing’s are associated with obvious and visible differences to appearance, while other pituitary conditions are associated with profound, yet hidden, physical changes which impact significantly on psychological well being.AimTo explore the subjective experiences of patients living with and managing a pi...

ea0012p85 | Pituitary | SFE2006

“Cinderella’s Unhappy”: an objective measure of the psychological impact of pituitary conditions

Klingbeil Liane , Jackson S , Morris M , Ashley K

ObjectiveThis explorative study is concerned with assessing the psychosocial impact of living with a pituitary condition. In collaboration with the Pituitary Foundation, who work to understand and represent the experiences of patients, this study explored the psychosocial issues that are evident for and identified by patients with a pituitary condition (anxiety, depression and appearance related distress).Method<p class="abstex...

ea0034p319 | Reproduction | SFEBES2014

Fetal glucocorticoid overexposure impacts on germline epigenetic reprogramming in the rat

Rose Catherine M , van den Driesche Sander , Boyle Ashley K , Chambers Thomas , Sharpe Richard M , Meehan Richard R , Drake Amanda J

Background: Fetal glucocorticoid overexposure is associated with low birthweight and increased cardiovascular disease risk in the offspring. Such ‘programmed effects’ can be transmitted across generations through both male and female lines. Disruption of a germline epigenetic reprogramming pathway, characterised by genome-wide erasure and subsequent re-establishment of DNA methylation, may underpin the intergenerational transmission of programmed effects. We used a r...