Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0033dp3 | Diabetes Professionals Meeting Programme | BSPED2013

Developing the role of diabetes educator in the UK

Ross K

The multidisciplinary diabetes team consists of health care professionals (HCP) each with a profession specific role who are required to be competent to a basic level in all aspects of diabetes care. Working together, teams provide all the education required to manage this condition to children and families as they grow up. The amount and complexity of information is increasing making it difficult to deliver to all individually. Group education is a solution but introduces a r...

ea0033dp5 | Diabetes Professionals Meeting Programme | BSPED2013

Kids in control of food: results from the KICk-OFF randomised controlled trial

Price K

KICk-OFF is a 5 days structured education course for 11–16 years old with type 1 diabetes. It has been developed with input from school teachers, children and families and follows constructivist learning theory. A pilot study resulted in some changes to the curriculum.From 2008–2013 a cluster randomised controlled trial, funded by Diabetes UK, has been undertaken, involving 396 participants from 31 UK NHS diabetes centres. Centres were randomis...

ea0029s7.1 | Hormones, metabolism and cancer: more than coincidences? | ICEECE2012

An epigenetic switch linking inflammation to cancer and the use of metformin as an anti-cancer drug

Struhl K.

Transient activation of Src oncoprotein can mediate an epigenetic switch from immortalized breast cells to a stably transformed line that forms self-renewing mammospheres that contain cancer stem cells (CSCs). Src activation triggers an inflammatory response mediated by NF-kB that directly activates Lin28 transcription and rapidly reduces the level of let-7 microRNAs. Let-7 inhibits IL6 expression, and IL6 activates STAT3. Importantly, IL6 activates NF-kB, thereby completing a...

ea0029s20.1 | Signalling to and from osteoclast | ICEECE2012

Efferent signalling by osteoclasts

Matsuo K.

The ‘coupling’ concept of bone resorption and formation was developed at both the whole-body and microscopic levels in the 1960’s. At the whole-body level, ‘coupling’ served to explain a positive correlation observed between whole body rates of bone resorption and formation, as determined by radiocalcium kinetics. At the microscopic level, ‘coupling’ describes sequential bone remodeling at each basic multicellular unit (BMU), in which bone re...

ea0029s27.1 | Are endogenous testosterone levels predictors of cardiovascular events? | ICEECE2012

Androgen action on the cardiovascular system

Channer K.

The most important cause of death as men age is cardiovascular disease and as men age so their androgen status declines. Studies have shown that lowering of endogenous androgen by deprivation therapy as treatment for prostate cancer increases the risk of cardiovascular death. In long term studies, low blood testosterone is associated with accelerated atherosclerosis as manifest in coronary, aortic and carotid vascular territories.Animal models of hypogon...

ea0029s33.2 | Pollution Related Acromegaly | ICEECE2012

Exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals may interfere with reproductive development in humans and affect timing of puberty

Main K.

Man-made chemicals in our environment may be harmful, in particular for the developing child with potential irreversible effects into adulthood. Considering the rapid increase in use and distribution of such chemicals over the past decades, it is tempting to speculate whether these changes contribute to the increase in some health problems.The prevalence of hypospadias and cryptorchidism in boys has increased in some countries, parallel to adult testicul...

ea0029mte14 | (1) | ICEECE2012


Unluhizarci K.

Hirsutism, affects 5–8% of the whole female population, results either from an increase in circulating androgen concentrations, an increase in the sensitivity of the pilosebaceous unit to normal androgen concentrations or a combination of these factors. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the underlying cause in vast majority of the patients with hirsutism. PCOS can only be diagnosed after exclusion of some other diseases such as non-classical congenital adrenal hyperplas...

ea0029mte32 | (1) | ICEECE2012

Management of GEP-NET tumors

Oberg K.

Neuroendocrine gastro-enteropancreatic tumors constitute a diverse group of malignant neoplasms with a common feature of hormone production and release. The incidence and prevalence have constantly increased over the last decades with an incidence of about 6/100 000 and a prevalence of 35/100 000 inhabitants. The majority of patients present a metastatic disease at diagnosis. The most common subtypes of GEP-NETs are small intestinal NETs (carcinoids) followed by pancreatic and...

ea0027s33 | Endocrine Nurse Session | BSPED2011

Hows, whys and wherefores o endocrine testing: nurse perspective

Davies K

It will focus on nursing issues relevant in today’s practice, by predominantly centering on the ‘Endocrine Testing’ section of the competency framework, by exploring the Competent, Experienced and Senior / Expert Practitioner roles with reference to how to carry out dynamic endocrine function tests. Other topics will also be touched upon in order to initiate a discussion amongst all the nurses present, such as consent, information leaflets and other practicaliti...