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ea0036P16 | (1) | BSPED2014

Leptin is associated with bone microstructural changes in obese children

Dimitri Paul , Paggiosi Margaret , King David , Bishop Nick , Eastell Richard

Background: Bone mass is low and fracture risk is higher in obese children. We wished to ascertain the relationships of obesity-related changes in hormones with skeletal microstructure.Method: Children aged 8–15 years matched by gender and pubertal stage were recruited into lean and obese groups (18 pairs). We used high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HRpQCT – resolution-82 μm) to assess three-dimensional cortical a...

ea0092ps1-10-01 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Targeting interleukin-11 signaling, an emerging patholgical mediator in thyroid eye disease

Swaney James , Jun Toni , Elliott Eric , Lu Ivan , Geller Shira , Chai Merrick , Witherden Deborah , Arora Puneet , Silkiss Rona , King David

Objectives: Thyroid eye disease (TED) is considered a fibroinflammatory disease with pathology related to both inflammatory and fibrotic disease processes. IL-11 is a fibroinflammatory cytokine that is linked to tissue fibrosis of the lung, skin, heart, kidney and liver. Recently, IL-11 was identified as a possible disease modifier in TED. IL-11 levels are increased in TED patient plasma, in correlation with disease severity, and IL-11 stimulates phenotypic switching of orbita...

ea0031p158 | Neoplasia, cancer and late effects | SFEBES2013

Pituitary metasases: patients presenting with cranial nerve palsies and diabetes insipidus: a single centre experience

Salaris Paola , Kordbacheh Tiana , Whitelaw Ben , Mustafa Omar , Visca Anna , Thomas Nick , Bullock Peter , Barazi Sinan , Landau David , King Andrew , Hampton Timothy , Gilbert Jackie , McGregor Alan , Aylwin Simon

Background: Pituitary metastases are a rare complication of systemic malignancy. The most common presentations of pituitary masses include visual field defects, headaches, and hypopituitarism, but cranial nerve palsies and diabetes insipidus are also recognised although unusual. We aimed to determine if these were more frequently associated with pituitary metastasis.Methods: We conducted a review of 944 patients undergoing pituitary surgery from a teachi...