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ea0082wc3 | Workshop C: Disorders of the thyroid gland | SFEEU2022

Familial dysalbuminaemic hyperthyroxinaemia as a cause of discordant thyroid function tests

Klaucane Katarina , Krishnan Amutha , Vamvakopoulos Joannis

Introduction: Discordant thyroid function tests are frequently identified in clinical practice and should raise suspicions about laboratory analytical interference.Case report: A 59 year old male was referred to Endocrine services for abnormal thyroid function tests following his recent Emergency department presentation with palpitations. His TFT (Roche) showed FT4 level was raised at 27.1 pmol/l (6.5 - 17.0), and his TSH normal at 2.57 uIU/ml (0.34 - 5....

ea0086p92 | Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary | SFEBES2022

Natural history of non-functioning pituitary microadenomas – results from the UK NFA consortium

Hamblin Ross , Fountas Athanasios , Lithgow Kirstie , Loughrey Paul Benjamin , Bonanos Efstathios , Khalid Shinwari Shah , Mitchell Kirsten , Shah Syed , Grixti Lydia , Matheou Mike , Isand Kristina , McLaren David , Surya Ashutosh , Zubair Ullah Hafiz , Klaucane Katarina , Jayasuriya Anuradha , Bhatti Sumbal , Mavilakandy Akash , Ahsan Masato , Mathew Susan , Hussein Ziad , Jansz Thijs , Wunna Wunna , Ayuk John , Abraham Prakash , Drake William , Brooke Antonia , Baldeweg Stephanie E. , Sam Amir H. , Martin Niamh , Higham Claire , Reddy Narendra , Ahluwalia Rupa , Newell-Price John , Vamvakopoulos Joannis , Krishnan Amutha , Lansdown Andrew , Murray Robert D , Pal Aparna , Bradley Karin , Mamoojee Yaasir , Purewal Tejpal , Panicker Janki , Marie Freel E , Hasan Faisal , Kumar Mohit , Jose Biju , Hunter Steven , Karavitaki Niki

Background: The published data on the natural history of (presumed) non-functioning pituitary microadenomas (micro-NFAs) is possibly compromised by small sample sizes, short follow-up and inclusion of cases with other pathologies in the analyses.Objective: To clarify the long-term outcomes of micro-NFAs in a large cohort of patients.Methods: We conducted a multi-centre, retrospective, cohort study involving 22 UK endocrine departme...