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ea0077p177 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2021

Obesity-induced upregulation of chemokine Ccl4 in mouse visceral adipose tissue: effects on β-cell function

Ashik Tanyel , Atanes Patricio , Lee Vivian , Persaud Shanta

Introduction: Adipose tissue-derived peptides, known as adipokines, act as key regulators of metabolic homeostasis, but little information is available on adipokine-mediated cross-talk with β-cells via islet GPCR interactions, nor whether this is altered in obesity. The expression profile of islet GPCR peptide ligand mRNAs in visceral adipose tissue from lean and diet-induced obese mice was therefore defined and the functional effects of Ccl4 on β-cells were characte...