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ea0081p720 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonographic features in detecting thyroid cancer in the transition age: a meta-analysis from the TALENT group

Cozzolino Alessia , Filardi Tiziana , Simonelli Ilaria , Grani Giorgio , Virili Camilla , Stramazzo Ilaria , Giulia Santaguida Maria , Locantore Pietro , Maurici Massimo , Gianfrilli Daniele , M Isidori Andrea , Durante Cosimo , Pozza Carlotta

Context: Significant uncertainty exists about the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonographic (US) features used to predict the risk of thyroid cancer in the pediatric population. Moreover, there are not specific indications for thyroid nodule evaluation in patients during the transition age.Objective: The meta-analysis aimed to address the following question: which thyroid nodule US features have the highest accuracy in predicting malignancy in the transiti...

ea0090p278 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2023

Bone metabolism and dual-release Hydrocortisone: results from a real-life study

Ferrari Davide , Sada Valentina , Hasenmajer Valeria , De Alcubierre Dario , Puliani Giulia , Minnetti Marianna , Cozzolino Alessia , Bonaventura Ilaria , Tomaselli Alessandra , Pofi Riccardo , Lenzi Andrea , M. Isidori Andrea

Background: Patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI) require long-term glucocorticoid (GC) replacement therapy and generally show an increased prevalence of bone metabolism alterations. Only few data are available on bone safety of dual-release Hydrocortisone (DR-HC) therapy.Objective: To evaluate bone metabolism in both primary AI (PAI) and secondary AI (SAI) during long-term therapy with DR-HC.Methods: We studied patients with AI...