Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0066p61 | Diabetes 6 | BSPED2019

Our diabetes quality improvement initiative journey – ensuring an efficient and purposeful clinic experience…

Tharian Kavitha , Madhusudhana Madhavi

Our diabetes service was successful in the application to participate in the RCPCH Quality improvement initiative (2018–2019).Our aims were: To identify strategies to enable teams to work collaboratively across multiple trust sites, 30 miles apart, covering a 50 mile radius. To undertake and complete projects in a timely and efficient manner to provide an equitable service across sites. To help maintain consistent improvement in HbA1c outcomes. To i...

ea0036oc5.3 | Oral Communications 5 | BSPED2014

Does treatment with GnRH analogues affect BMI in children with precocious or early puberty?

Madhusudhana Madhavi , Gupta Sanjay , Willingham Linda

Background: Treatment of precocious puberty with GnRH analogues is well established. But there are concerns about weight gain in patients on this treatment. There have been conflicting reports about the effect of GnRH analogues on weight.Aims: To assess the change in BMI in children treated with GnRH analogues within a UK Endocrine Service and to analyse the patient/parent experience of the treatment.Methods: A retrospective study ...

ea0045p39 | Diabetes | BSPED2016

Management of diabetes in a refugee child- the challenges

Madhusudhana Madhavi , Randle Emma , Denial Mark , Wright Neil

Background: Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition with significant implications on the child, the family and the health services. Management of this condition in a refugee child is fraught with further challenges.Methods: In this observational case report, we discuss the challenges in the management of a 10-year-old Somalian boy, with type 1 diabetes for the past few years, who presented with Diabetic ketoacidosis.Table 1 illustra...

ea0095p113 | Diabetes 4 | BSPED2023

Regional audit on presentation in diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA) at the manifestation of type1 diabetes in children and young people within Yorkshire and Humber region (YH)

Soni Astha , Sahmoud Shaimaa , Lennon Geraldine , Bhimsaria Sunil , Joseph Lovlin , Natarajan Anuja , Gorman Shaun , How-Yaw Stephanie , Alaber Nasar , Matthew Verghese , Campbell Fiona , Hemming Victoria , Bashir Imran , Baker Elizabeth , Danda Nandita , Madhusudhana Madhavi , Watts Wendy , Savage Emma , Gupta Sanjay

The incidence of children presenting with DKA at diagnosis has been on the rise worldwide1. 25.8% of newly diagnosed children had DKA at diagnosis according to the NPDA report (2020/21). 34% of newly diagnosed children in the Yorkshire and Humber(Y&H) region presented in DKA2. Delayed presentation due to lack of awareness is a likely cause for that.Aim: To review the presentations of DKA at diagnosis in the YH r...