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ea0063p1219 | Thyroid 3 | ECE2019

Primary thyroid angiosarcoma – a case report

Bala Nadia Mourinho , Aragues Jose Maria , Guerra Silvia , Roque Rita , Madureira Rosa , Valadas Cristina

Introduction: Primary thyroid angiosarcoma (TAS) is a rare malignancy that arises from endothelial cells, and nearly all reported cases originate from the Alpine region of central Europe. Most of the patients are female, elderly, with a history of goiter. Generally, TAS arises as a painless infiltrating mass and patients present with compression symptoms due to the brisk tumor growth. Other TAS clinical presentations are varied and highly non-specific. Metastasis occur early i...

ea0070aep979 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Primary Thyroid Teratoma – a rare diagnosis

Mourinho Bala Nádia , Guerra Sílvia , Cordeiro Raposo Nuno , Oliveira Helena , Madureira Rosa , Valadas Cristina

Introduction: A teratoma is a rare type of tumor deriving from the germ layer cells (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm), typically benign, more frequent in infants. Adult onset teratomas are most commonly gonadal cell tumors. Extra--gonadal teratomas generally affect the midline, most frequently anterior mediastinum, retroperitoneum, pineal and suprasellar area. Head and neck teratomas are an extremely rare entity and represent only 0.47–6% of all cases.<p class="abste...