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ea0024s16 | Symposium 1 – Transition and Therapeutics | BSPED2010

Sex hormone replacement and fertility for adolescents and young adults: who needs it and how should it be done?

Zacharin Margaret

Major changes in paediatric and adult medical practice have been seen over recent decades with increased prevalence of and longevity in chronic diseases, a marked increase in organ transplantation, rapid increases in recognition of new genetic disorders associated with altered gonadal function. Along with these changes has come recognition of the pivotal importance of adolescent bone mass accrual, to decrease the impact of adult bone loss for those who have a chronic medical c...

ea0032p846 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

Characteristics of patients with pituitary gigantism: results of an international study

Rostomyan Liliya , Daly Adrian F. , Tichomirowa Maria , Naves Luciana A. , Shah Nalini , Chanson Philippe , Zacharieva Sabina , Stratskis Constantine A , Neggers Sebastian , Holdaway Ian , Stalla Gunter K. , Pronin Vyacheslav , Maiter Dominique , Bertherat Jerome , Colao Annamaria , Ilovaiskaya Irena , Ferone Diego , Zacharin Margaret , Salvatori Roberto , Beckers Albert

Aim: To analyse a large series of patients with pituitary gigantism.Materials and methods: We included in this multicentre study 158 patients (129 males) with pituitary adenoma (PA) or hyperplasia and current/previous abnormal, excessively rapid growth velocity for age or a final height greater than 2 SD above normal for their population. Data of patients were systematically recorded in case report forms.Results: The...

ea0057021 | Cardiovascular complications in pituitary gigantism (results of an international study) | BES2018

Cardiovascular complications in pituitary gigantism (results of an international study)

Liliya Rostomyan , Adrian Daly , Nalini Shah , Luciana A Naves , Anne Barlier , Marie-Lise Jaffrain-Rea , Philippe Emy , Sebastian Neggers , Lecumberri Santamaria Beatriz , Ian Holdaway , Thierry Brue , Gunter Stalla , Roberto Salvatori , Yves Bertherat Jerome , Dominique Maiter , Margaret Zacharin , Anurag Lila , Silvia Filipponi , Satinath Mukhopadhyay , Tapani Ebeling , Marja Ojaniemi , I McCormack Ann , Outi Kuismin , Anne-Lise Lecoq , Mona Sahnoun-Fathallah , Caroline Jung-Sievers , Elena Malchiodi , Liudmila Rozhinskaya , Elena Nazzari , Sachin Mittal , Elisa Verrua , Ekaterina Sorkina , Alexander Dreval , France Devuyst , Ismene Bilbao , Simona Auriemma Renata , Palacios Garcia Nuria , Irena Ilovaiskaya , Vyacheslav Pronin , Annamaria Colao , Diego Ferone , Anna Spada , Patrick Petrossians , Paolo Beck-Peccoz , A Stratakis Constantine , Philippe Chanson , Albert Beckers

Background: Cardiovascular disease is an important cause of morbidity/mortality in chronic GH hypersecretion.Aim: To evaluate cardiovascular system in a large series of patients with pituitary gigantism. Standard case report forms were used with height assessments related to local country norms. Results: 151pts (123 male) with GH-excess and abnormal growth velocity for age or final height >2SD over local norms had complete data on cardiac assessments...