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ea0062oc7 | Oral Communications | EU2019

An aldosterone crisis

Tufton Nicola , Rathore Ali , Matson Matthew , Hameeduddin Ayesha , Berney Daniel , Brown Morris , Akker Scott

Case history: A 26 year-old lady was admitted directly from the endocrine clinic with severe hypertension (BP 180/130 mmHg) and bilateral papilloedema. Six weeks prior to admission she had undergone resection of a 24 cm right upper quadrant lesion that was pre-operatively felt to be of hepatic origin. She was normotensive pre-operatively. Histology confirmed this to be an adrenal phaeochromocytoma with deficient SDH immunostaining. Pre-operative biochemical assessment had not ...

ea0028p27 | Clinical biochemistry | SFEBES2012

Using the hyperaldosteronism cohort to define normative catecholamine levels for adrenal venous sampling

Sze Wing-Chiu , Matson Matthew , Druce Maralyn , Akker Scott , Chew Shern , Grossman Ashley , Drake William

Objective: (1) To review normative data for catecholamines using our cohort of hyperaldosteronism patients undergoing adrenal vein sampling. This adds to the previously published data of normative values in a cohort of patients with cortisol-producing adenoma. (2) To demonstrate the usefulness of the noradrenaline to adrenaline ratio in the interpretation of adrenal venous sampling results.Design: 38 patients underwent successful, bilateral adrenal venou...

ea0055p14 | Poster Presentations | SFEEU2018

Low ACTH and cortisol production following adrenalectomy for primary aldosteronism

Goodchild Emily , Wu Xilin , Salsbury Jackie , Kurzawinski Tom , Matson Matthew , Cheow Heok , Chung Teng Teng , Drake William , Brown Morris

Case history: A 74-year-old gentleman with primary aldosteronism (PA) was referred for the ‘MATCH’ study – a prospective comparison of 11C-metomidate PET CT with adrenal vein sampling. He took no exogenous steroids.Investigations: Na 147 mmol/l, K 3.7 mmol/l, aldosterone 496 pmol/l, renin activity <0.17 nmol/l per h, random cortisol 247 nmol/l and concomitant ACTH 9.3 ng/l. Two overnight dexamethasone suppression tests recorded values ...

ea0077p142 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2021

Clinical prediction scores in primary aldosteronism reliably identify a subset of patients with bilateral disease avoiding the need for adrenal venous sampling

Munro Colin , Akker Scott , Druce Maralyn , Sze Wing-Chiu , Waterhouse Mona , Sahdev Anju , Matson Matthew , Parvanta Laila , Drake William , O’Toole Sam

Introduction: Primary aldosteronism (PA) is both the most common form of secondary hypertension and a high-risk subset associated with increased cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and renal morbidity compared to essential hypertension. Unilateral PA is amenable to surgery, biochemical cure and reversal of this excess risk; whilst bilateral disease is best treated through mechanism-directed medical therapy. Currently, PA subtype classification relies on adrenal venous sampling (AV...

ea0091oc1 | Oral Communications | SFEEU2023

‘Pseudo-failure’ of adrenal vein sampling due to cortisol co-secretion by KCNJ5-mutant adenoma, and prediction of complete clinical success by urine hybrid steroid assay

Laycock Kate , Wu Xilin , Goodchild Emily , Matson Matthew , Prete Alessandro , Taylor Angela , Arlt Wiebke , McIntosh Alasdair , McConnachie Alexander , Cheow Heok , Drake William , Brown Morris

Case history: A previously well 45-year-old lady presented with a 3-year history of hypertension initially diagnosed at a routine health check. Her blood pressure (BP) was 170-180/90-100 mmHg.Investigations: Showed hypokalaemia (K+= 3 mmol/l; NR 3.5-5.3 mmol/l), raised aldosterone (976pmol/l; NR 100-500pmol/l) and supressed renin activity (<0.2nmol/l/h), meeting criteria for diagnosing primary aldosteronism (PA). CT adrenals showed a 2.5 cm left adre...

ea0038oc2.2 | Translational pathophysiology and therapeutics | SFEBES2015

Adrenal vein catecholamine levels and ratios: reference intervals derived from patients with primary aldosteronism

O'Toole Sam , Sze Candy , Tirador Kent , Akker Scott , Matson Matthew , Perry Les , Druce Maralyn , Dekkers Tanja , Deinum Jaap , Lenders Jacques , Eisenhofer Graeme , Drake William

Introduction: Phaeochromocytoma localisation is generally reliably achieved with modern imaging techniques, particularly in sporadic cases. Diagnostic doubt can arise due to the presence of bilateral adrenal abnormalities, particularly in patients with mutations in genes predisposing them to the phaeochromocytoma development. In such cases, surgical intervention is ideally limited to large or functional lesions due to the long-term consequences associated with hypoadrenalism. ...

ea0037ep92 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2015

Long-term outcome from unilateral adrenalectomy in patients with primary aldosteronism

Hannon Mark J , Sze Candy , Carpenter Robert , Parvanta Laila , Matson Matthew , Sahdeve Anju , Druce Maralyn R , Waterhouse Mona , Akker Scott A , Drake William M

Primary aldosteronism (PA) is an important cause of hypertension which confers significant cardiometabolic risk. In approximately half of cases, the cause is a surgically resectable unilateral aldosterone-producing adrenal adenoma, making PA the most common potentially curable form of hypertension. Despite this, long-term data on surgical outcomes that could be used to guide discussions with patients are sparse. Here, we report on clinical outcomes several years post-adrenalec...

ea0077p10 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2021

Method of venesection and location of peripheral sample alter adrenal venous sampling results and interpretation in primary aldosteronism

Mourougavelou Vishnou , Wu Xilin , Goodchild Emily , Argentesi Giulia , Laycock Kate , Akker Scott , Druce Maralyn , Sze Candy , Waterhouse Mona , Dawnay Anne , Matson Matthew , Brown Morris , Drake William , O’Toole Sam

Introduction: Adrenal venous sampling (AVS) is the criterion standard method of lateralisation in primary aldosteronism (PA). Despite this pivotal role, there is limited consensus and significant variability between centres related to many of the technical aspects of AVS. In this study, we sought to address whether variations in two different technical aspects of AVS altered parameters and interpretation, namely: 1. Peripheral sample site 2. Method of adrenal vein (AV) venesec...

ea0051oc5.1 | Oral Communications 5 | BSPED2017

New insights into the preoperative localisation of corticotroph adenomas in paediatric Cushing’s disease (CD)

Wilkinson Ingrid C.E. , Evanson Jane , Matson Matthew , Miszkiel Katherine , Grieve Joan , Sabin Ian , Afshar Farhad , Martin Lee , Grossman Ashley B. , Akker Scott , Savage Martin O. , Drake William M. , Storr Helen L.

Introduction: Selective transsphenoidal microadenomectomy (TSS) is the first-line treatment of paediatric Cushing’s disease (CD). Corticotroph adenomas in children are often small and difficult to visualize. We aimed to assess the utility of pituitary MRI and bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling (BIPSS) in confirming the diagnosis of CD and the localisation of the adenoma. We also report our early experience of STEALTH MRI (volumetric T1 weighted, contrast-enhanced ...

ea0021oc2.8 | Neuroendocrine tumours/pituitary | SFEBES2009

Diagnosis and localisation of insulinoma: the value of modern MRI in conjunction with calcium stimulation catheterisation

Muthuppalaniappan Vasantha M , Druce Maralyn R , O'Leary Benjamin , Chew Shern L , Drake William M , Monson John P , Akker Scott A , Besser Michael , Sahdev Anju , Rockall Andrea , Vyas Soumil , Matson Matthew , Berney Daniel , Bhattacharya Satya , Grossman Ashley B

Objective: To review the diagnostic features and localization accuracy of different investigations for insulinomas diagnosed 1990–2009 at a single tertiary referral centre.Design: A cross-sectional, restrospective analysis, including sporadic tumours and those in multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes.Methods: Case notes and investigation results were reviewed from patients with biochemically or histologically-proven insulinom...