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Influence of bitter taste gene TAS2R38 on endocrinometabolic and anthropometric parameters in a sample with thyroid disease

Mendes Costa Marta , Carolina Santos Ana , Ferreira Joana , Mário Rui Mascarenhas , Bicho Manuel , Paula Barbosa Ana , Alda Pereira da Silva

Background and objectivesTAS2R38 is a bitter taste gene that can influence food consumption depending on its single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) leading to aminoacid substitutions in the receptor protein P49A (proline/alanine), A262V (alanine/valine) e V296I (valine/isoleucine). Subjects with at least one PAV (proline-alanine-valine) copy are bitter tasters, while AVI homozygotes are non-tasters. Other variants have intermediate bitter tasting: AAV&#6...