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ea0007p250 | Clinical case reports | BES2004

Osteomalacia precipitated by growth hormone treatment in the adult: increased bone turnover unmasking occult vitamin D deficiency

Abouglila K , Miller M , Ball S

Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency in the adult is associated with sub-optimal bone mineral density (BMD) and reduced bone turnover. GH replacement therapy results in increased bone turnover and new bone formation with biphasic changes in BMD: We report a case in which the anabolic effects of GH on bone precipitated profound Vitamin D (Vit D) deficiency.The patient 56-year-old man with panhypopituitarism following treatment for acromegaly commenced adult GH ...

ea0011s16 | The endocrinology of psychiatric disease | ECE2006

Effects of hypothyroidism on brain metabolism and its associations with neuropsychiatric impairments

Bauer M , Schlagenhauf F , London E , Miller K , Whybrow PC , Rasgon N , van Herle K , van Herle AJ , Phelps ME , Silverman DHS

Background: Hypothyroidism may profoundly alter mental function and influence mood and cognition, but the neural correlates of these impairments and of thyroid hormone treatment are not well understood.Methods: We prospectively studied 24 subjects, 14 previously untreated newly diagnosed hypothyroid patients (age 42±12 yrs; 11 female, 3 men) and 10 euthyroid control subjects (41±12 yrs). All patients underwent comprehensive neuropsychiatric ass...