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ea0063p734 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology 2 | ECE2019

A phase 2 study assessing osilodrostat in children and adolescent patients with Cushing’s disease – Rationale and methods

Storr Helen L , Shah Nalini , Wojna Judi , Han Kevin , Roughton Michael , Pierre Combes Francois , Pultar Philippe , Savage Martin O

Background: In children, Cushing’s disease (CD) presents with a combination of weight gain and slowed linear growth. First-line pituitary surgery is the treatment of choice for most patients. In paediatric patients, the transsphenoidal surgical success rate is 60%–98% when performed by an expert pituitary surgeon. There is a need for additional pharmacological interventions to control hypercortisolaemia, which are currently limited, in children and adolescents. In ph...

ea0037oc12.3 | Pituitary – Clinical | ECE2015

The genetic causes of pituitary gigantism

Rostomyan Liliya , Daly Adrian , Petrossians Patrick , Trivellin Giampaolo , Shah Nalini , Mantovani Giovanna , Neggers Sebastian , Castermans Emilie , Caberg Jean-Hubert , Chanson Philippe , Zacharieva Sabina , Naves Luciana , Beckers Albert

Increased secretion of GH results in gigantism in children/adolescents and in acromegaly in adults; the relative roles of the various genetic causes of acromegaly and gigantism are still unclear. To analyse the genetic causes and inherited/familial features in patients with pituitary gigantism, we studied a large international cohort. Genetic or inherited characteristics were observed in 39% of patients and included familial isolated pituitary adenomas (FIPA; n=28), M...

ea0037oc12.5 | Pituitary – Clinical | ECE2015

The clinical characteristics of X-linked acro-gigantism syndrome

Daly Adrian , Trivellin Giampaolo , Rostomyan Liliya , Yuan Bo , Choong Catherine , Young Jacques , Mantovani Giovanna , Naves Luciana , Lysy Philippe , Cheetham Tim , Shah Nalini , Metzger Daniel , Zatelli Maria Chiara , Strebkova Natalia , Mazerkina Nadia , Collins Michael , Lodish Maya Beth , Lupski James , Stratakis Constantine , Beckers Albert

X-linked acro-gigantism (X-LAG) is a rare novel genomic syndrome of pituitary gigantism that has a typical onset within the first year of life in children of normal or even low birth weight. X-LAG patients have a microduplications on chromosome Xq26.3 that includes a gene GPR101, which is highly upregulated in pituitary tumor tissue of affected patients. We performed a study of all 18 known X-LAG syndrome patients currently in the NICHD-University of Liège databa...

ea0032p846 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

Characteristics of patients with pituitary gigantism: results of an international study

Rostomyan Liliya , Daly Adrian F. , Tichomirowa Maria , Naves Luciana A. , Shah Nalini , Chanson Philippe , Zacharieva Sabina , Stratskis Constantine A , Neggers Sebastian , Holdaway Ian , Stalla Gunter K. , Pronin Vyacheslav , Maiter Dominique , Bertherat Jerome , Colao Annamaria , Ilovaiskaya Irena , Ferone Diego , Zacharin Margaret , Salvatori Roberto , Beckers Albert

Aim: To analyse a large series of patients with pituitary gigantism.Materials and methods: We included in this multicentre study 158 patients (129 males) with pituitary adenoma (PA) or hyperplasia and current/previous abnormal, excessively rapid growth velocity for age or a final height greater than 2 SD above normal for their population. Data of patients were systematically recorded in case report forms.Results: The...

ea0057021 | Cardiovascular complications in pituitary gigantism (results of an international study) | BES2018

Cardiovascular complications in pituitary gigantism (results of an international study)

Liliya Rostomyan , Adrian Daly , Nalini Shah , Luciana A Naves , Anne Barlier , Marie-Lise Jaffrain-Rea , Philippe Emy , Sebastian Neggers , Lecumberri Santamaria Beatriz , Ian Holdaway , Thierry Brue , Gunter Stalla , Roberto Salvatori , Yves Bertherat Jerome , Dominique Maiter , Margaret Zacharin , Anurag Lila , Silvia Filipponi , Satinath Mukhopadhyay , Tapani Ebeling , Marja Ojaniemi , I McCormack Ann , Outi Kuismin , Anne-Lise Lecoq , Mona Sahnoun-Fathallah , Caroline Jung-Sievers , Elena Malchiodi , Liudmila Rozhinskaya , Elena Nazzari , Sachin Mittal , Elisa Verrua , Ekaterina Sorkina , Alexander Dreval , France Devuyst , Ismene Bilbao , Simona Auriemma Renata , Palacios Garcia Nuria , Irena Ilovaiskaya , Vyacheslav Pronin , Annamaria Colao , Diego Ferone , Anna Spada , Patrick Petrossians , Paolo Beck-Peccoz , A Stratakis Constantine , Philippe Chanson , Albert Beckers

Background: Cardiovascular disease is an important cause of morbidity/mortality in chronic GH hypersecretion.Aim: To evaluate cardiovascular system in a large series of patients with pituitary gigantism. Standard case report forms were used with height assessments related to local country norms. Results: 151pts (123 male) with GH-excess and abnormal growth velocity for age or final height >2SD over local norms had complete data on cardiac assessments...