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ea0014p382 | (1) | ECE2007

Increased need for oral thyroxine in total thyroidectomized patients: a prospective analysis

Gargano Lucilla , Virili Camilla , Viceconti Nicola , Santaguida Maria Giulia , Nardo Serena , Centanni Marco

Increasing evidence suggests a relevant role for thyroid gland in maintaining hypophysis-thyroid homeostasis even in patients treated with oral thyroxine. Aim of the study was to compare the daily dose of thyroxine required to attain subnormal serum TSH levels in patients with nontoxic goitre before and following total thyroidectomy. To address this question we have studied: a) 15 patients (8 women and 7 men; median age=53 years) with nontoxic goitre (NTG) and no evidence of a...