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ea0094p328 | Bone and Calcium | SFEBES2023

A rare case of Intrathyroidal parathyroid adenoma causing refractory hypercalcaemia. A challenging diagnostic and therapeutic journey

Rathi Kiran , Nadeem Sajjad

Introduction: Hypercalcemia is a common clinical abnormality seen in clinical practice. One of the leading causes of hypercalcemia is Primary hyperthyroidism from a parathyroid adenoma. While the ectopic parathyroid tissue is typically found in the thymus and anterior mediastinum, Intrathyroidal parathyroid adenoma is a challenging cause of primary hyperparathyroidism leading to persistent hypercalcemia even post-surgery.Case His...

ea0077lb16 | Late Breaking | SFEBES2021

Management of hypoglycemia in hospitalized patients with diabetes

Rathi Kiran , Holmes Laura , Hassan Reem , Anand Haridass Sabari

Aim: To determine if inpatient hypoglycemia management in our trust is compliant with NICE guidelines and understand the conundrums in documentation and treatment of the hypoglycemic episodes.Method: Retrospective audit on all patients admitted in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary who had hypoglycemic episode(s) in March 2021 which were picked up by wireless-enabled central capillary blood glucose monitoring system (cobas)1.R...

ea00100wf3.3 | Workshop F: Disorders of the parathyroid glands, calcium metabolism and bone | SFEEU2024

Challenges in management of hypoparathyroidism and severe hypocalcaemia in autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome -Is recombinant human parathyroid hormone or PTH pump an option?

Rathi Kiran , Pierides Michael , Busu Zvidzayi , Nadeem Sajjad

We present a case of 18 Year male with autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome who presented with seizures to A and E presumed secondary to his profound severe hypocalcemia. Adjusted calcium levels of 1.80 mmol/l.Background: Primary adrenal insufficiency, Hypoparathyroidism, Pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption, Pernicious anaemia, Aspergers syndrome and Stem cell deficiency in the eye. On admission he received calcium gluconate stat doses which was foll...