Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0059ep90 | Reproduction | SFEBES2018

A rare case of primary hypogonadism and partial hypopituitarism in klinefelter syndrome

Rehman Shoib Ur , Ahluwalia Rupa

Klinefelter syndrome is the most common genetic cause of primary hypogonadism in men. Upto 80% have karyotype 47 XXY. It can present with a wide range of phenotypical and biochemical abnormalities. It is also known to be associated with certain autoimmune diseases. We describe a rare case of Klinefelter syndrome with partial hypopituitarism and suggest screening with full pituitary profile plus dynamics tests at first presentation if clinical suspicion is high. A 36 year old m...

ea0062p51 | Poster Presentations | EU2019

Steroid cell ovarian tumour presenting with severe hyperandrogenism

Rehman Shoib Ur , Brennan Sinead , Swords Francesca

A 69-year-old woman was referred with a 2 year history of frontal balding, deepening voice and weight loss. Past medical history included primary hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis, varicose veins and menopause at age of 50 years. Current medications included levothyroxine. She was otherwise very well and enjoyed heightened physical endurance – regularly cycling >60 miles with a group of male friends. On examination she was virilised with male pattern alopecia, marked fac...

ea0062wa4 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Pineal Gland Tumor presenting with Panhypopitutarism & Diabetes Insipidus

Rehman Shoib Ur , Sharma Vivek , Amjad Wajiha , Wallace Tara , Swords Francesca

21 year old man presented to the emergency department with hypotensive shock. He had been seeing the GP with complains of poor appetite, intermittent vomiting, increased thirst and postural dizziness for the last 6 months. Previous medical history included tonsillitis, gastritis and learning difficulties. The working differential was severe gastroenteritis with hypovolemic shock, and so he was given immediate fluid resuscitation. He remained hypotensive, and so was given empir...

ea0048wf2 | Workshop F: Disorders of the parathyroid glands, calcium metabolism and bone | SFEEU2017

Giant parathyroid cyst – a rare cause of severe hypercalcaemia

Rehman Shoib Ur , Pazderska Agnieszka , Van Tornout F. , Pain Simon , Francis Jonathan , Gunda Rohini , Ahluwalia Rupa

Parathyroid cysts (PCs) are rare lesions usually found during exploration of neck and mediastinal masses. Ten percent of PCs can be functional and release parathyroid hormones causing hypercalcemia. Most PCs are small but lesions greater than 1 cm can exert pressure effects on adjacent structures\. Diagnosis can be challenging as PCs can mimic thyroid masses with no focal tracer uptake during most functional imaging modalities. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) can help if coupled ...