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ea0009s48 | Clinical Management Workshop 4: Endocrine sequelae of childhood cancer | BES2005

Growth and puberty after treatment for intracranial neoplasia

Spoudeas H

Some 10-15% of the 1:1000 young adults who are cancer survivors, has survived a brain tumour. Increasing treatment efficacy and decreasing long-term disability are important human and economic aims.The growth failure of children with brain tumours is multifactorial. Cranial irradiation, blamed for late neurotoxicity, is increasingly substituted by chemotherapy, but the disease itself, surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy must contribute. Evolving irradiatio...

ea0024p21 | (1) | BSPED2010

Endocrine, hypothalamic and neuro-developmental outcomes following treatment for craniopharyngiomas

Ikazoboh E C , Spoudeas H A , Dattani M T

Introduction: The management of Craniopharyngioma is associated with significant long-term morbidity. We retrospectively assessed the endocrine, hypothalamic and neuro-developmental morbidity (at most recent clinic review) in survivors of Craniopharyngioma diagnosed between 1/01/98 and 31/12/09, and currently being managed at our centre.Methods: We identified 63 patients in our cohort of which 25 were randomly selected for analysis (11 males, 14 females)...

ea0024oc1.3 | Oral Communications 1 | BSPED2010

Semen cryopreservation in adolescent minors with cancer: a 10-year experience

Gan H W , Davar Z , Alexander S , Gomes S , Davies M , Salim R , Spoudeas H A

Background: Increased childhood cancer survival has resulted in an accruing adult cohort faced with potential infertility. Pre-treatment semen cryopreservation can protect reproductive capacity in adolescent minors, but continued unique legal, ethical and educational barriers prevent consistent service provision across the UK. The effect of pubertal maturation, disease and treatment on the ability to produce sperm also remains poorly defined in this cohort. We present our 10-y...

ea0027p28 | (1) | BSPED2011

Prophylactic thyroidectomy in children with MEN2 in the United Kingdom

Prete Francesco Paolo , Morkane Clare , Watkinson J , Shaw N , Alvi S , Squire R , Harrison B , Wales J , Clayton P , Morrison P , Carson D , Brain C , Hindmarsh P , Dattani M , Spoudeas H , Buchanan C , Albanese A , Amin R , Piero A , Kurzawinski T

Introduction: Timing, extent, complications rate and long term results of paediatric prophylactic thyroidectomy (pPT) for MEN2 in the UK are unknown.Methods: All UK centers performing pPT were invited to participate in the study.Data were obtained from notes and hospitals electronic databases.Results: Fifty-one children (27 males) were included.All had genetic test at the mean age of 5 years (median 3, range 0.25–15), confirmi...