Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0059ep17 | Adrenal and steroids | SFEBES2018

An unusual presentation of Cushing’s syndrome

Stirling Angus , Carty David

A 50 year old man was admitted in September 2017 with left sided thoracic pain. A chest radiograph revealed a left-sided hilar mass. CT of thorax demonstrated a large, left-sided, anterior mediastinal mass with associated lymphadenopathy and sclerotic bone metastases. A CT-guided biopsy was performed and pathology was consistent with carcinoid tumour. The patient was referred to clinical oncology. An NM octreotide scan confirmed a left-sided avid lesion within the thorax. Gut ...

ea0065p253 | Metabolism and Obesity | SFEBES2019

Juvenile type 2 diabetes and Klinefelter syndrome

Lang Ailidh , Stirling Angus , Maitland Rahat

Introduction: Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) is the most common male sex-chromosome abnorrmality, typically presenting with features of hypogonadism. The association between KS and Type 2 Diabetes is not fully understood as early treatment with testosterone does not minimise this complication. We present an unusual case of simultaneous diagnosis of T2DM and Klinefelter Syndrome in a young adult.Case: A 17 year old Pakistani gentleman presented with a short hi...


A rare sclerosing bone dysplasia

Casey Helen , Stirling Angus , Gallacher Stephen , Gallagher Andrew

A 30 year old woman presented with two year history of right lower leg pain. The pain was constant, worse in cold weather, not worsened by weight bearing and occasionally woke her from sleep. On examination she was tender on palpation of mid distal right tibia. X ray showed sclerotic portions of right tibia and fibula. MR lower right leg demonstrated extensive area of intramedullary bone marrow oedema in the distal half of the right tibia with associated cortical thickening an...

ea0065p108 | Bone and calcium | SFEBES2019

An elusive cause of severe, recurrent hypercalcaemia

Brown Lauren , Stirling Angus , Gallagher Andrew , McGrane David

Introduction: Primary skeletal muscle lymphomas are extremely rare, accounting for less than 1% of extra-nodal lymphomas.1 Hypercalcaemia is a common reason for admission to hospital. There are four main mechanisms by which neoplasms can cause hypercalcaemia; secretion of parathyroid hormone-related peptide, osteolytic metastases, (rarely) ectopic PTH secretion, and expression of 1 alpha hydroxylase, causing excess activated vitamin D and gastrointestinal absorption...

ea0065p401 | Thyroid | SFEBES2019

Management of thyroid disease in pregnancy – a national survey

Watters Marianne , Lindsay Robert , Reynolds Rebecca , Stirling Angus , Carty David

Background: Thyroid disease in pregnancy can have a profound impact on both mother and fetus. Guidelines on diagnosis and management are lacking in the UK and there is significant variation between European and US guidelines. This survey aimed to gather data on current management by endocrinologists in Scotland.Methods: An online survey was created using Google Forms and emailed to endocrinology trainees and consultants in Scotland (April 2019). The surv...