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ea0013p238 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour (including pituitary) | SFEBES2007

The effect of exogenous estradiol administration on working memory in the ovariectomised female hooded-lister rat

Sutcliffe Jane , Neill Jo , Marshall Kay

The aim of the investigation was to evaluate the effect exogenous of 17-β-estradiol propionate (E2) on working memory as assessed by the novel object recognition (NOR) paradigm following intermittent or delayed E2 regimens.15 rats were ovariectomised under anaesthesia and were divided into 3 groups namely: (1) vehicle (2) intermittent E2 dosing weeks 1–6 and 13–18, with no treatment weeks 7–12 and (3) delayed (no treatment in weeks 1&...