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ea0049ep169 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2017

Respiratory symtoms lead to a diagnosis of pheochromocytoma: An unusual presentation

Teles Luis , Neves Joao Sergio , Souteiro Pedro , Oliveira Sofia Castro , Neves Celestino , Freitas Paula , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: Pheochromocytoma is one of the major secondary causes of hypertension. The classic triad of pheochromocytoma symptoms of headache, sweating and tachycardia is not present in a high percentage of patients and is sometimes diagnosed as incidentaloma or atypical presentations.Case report: The authors present a 56-year-old man, with no known diseases, referred to Endocrinology evaluation by incidentaloma of the right adrenal gland, from the Pne...

ea0049ep54 | Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing's) | ECE2017

Giant adrenal tumor in a patient admitted for fever

Neves Joao Sergio , Teles Luis , Souteiro Pedro , Oliveira Sofia Castro , Oliveira Ana Isabel , Fernandes Ana Catarina , Damasceno Margarida , Graca Luisa , Rodrigues Elisabete , Neves Celestino , Freitas Paula , Carvalho Davide

Introduction: Adrenal tumors are usually detected due to clinical manifestations of hormonal hypersecretion or incidental findings on imaging evaluation. Although most incidentalomas are non-functioning adenomas, it is important to appropriately evaluate such masses to exclude hormonal excess or malignancy.Case description: An 81-year old male was admitted to our hospital for fever with 15 days of evolution. The patient also presented chills and loss of ...