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ea0029s33.3 | Pollution Related Acromegaly | ICEECE2012

Effect of iodine intake on thyroid diseases in China

Teng W.

It has been 14 years since universal salt iodization was conducted legislatively throughout China in 1996, and the residents experienced the period of excessive iodine intake (MUI>300 μg/l) for 6 years and more than adequate iodine intake (MUI 240 μg/l) for 8 years, and now the status of iodine is normally adequate (MUI 180 μg/l).During this period, we completed several epidemiological studies on the relationship between iodine intake ...

ea0029p1657 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

miRNA expression of the thyroid after goiter formation and involution using different iodine regimens

Mao J. , Chong W. , Shan Z. , Teng W.

Background: Thyroid damage is known to occur during experimental iodine-induced goiter. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small non-coding RNAs regulating gene expression. Dysregulation of specific miRNAs can interfere with tissue homeostasis. The purpose of this study was to investigate the dynamic expression profiles of miRNAs during adequate or mild-excess iodine supplementation in the iodine-deficient thyroid.Methods: Hyperplastic goiter was induced ...