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ea0059s10.3 | Pancreatic NETs – an update | SFEBES2018

The genomic landscape of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours

Thirlwell Chrissie

In recent years the genomic landscape of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (PNETs) has been elucidated through unbiased exome, whole genome and ingrated genomic analyses. Most commonly mutations in the epigenetic machinery occur – ATRX / DAXX / Menin affecting 40–45% of cases. Alongside this, mutations occur less frequently in the mTOR pathway and DNA repair genes. It has also been determined that 17% of cases have an underlying germline mutation. Recent dev...

ea0098b7 | Basic Science | NANETS2023

Genomic analyses of multifocal ileal neuroendocrine tumors

Makinen Netta , Zhou Meng , Zhang Zhouwei , Kasai Yosuke , Kim Grace E. , Thirlwell Chrissie , Nakakura Eric , Meyerson Matthew

Background: Small intestinal neuroendocrine tumor (SI-NET) is one of the major cancer subtypes of the small bowel. Most SI-NETs locate in the terminal ileum with a high incidence of multiple synchronous primary tumors. The only essentially curative treatment of SI-NETs is complete surgical resection; however, most SI-NET patients cannot undergo surgery as they typically present with an extensive metastatic disease. Several high-throughput sequencing studies have reported low s...

ea0052oc2 | (1) | UKINETS2017

Systematic evaluation of the immune microenvironment of neuroendocrine tumours

Vesely Clare , Childs Alexa , Wong Yien Ning Sophia , Ogunbiyi Olagunju , Gander Amir , Luong Tu Vinh , Thirlwell Chrissie , Caplin Martyn , Peggs Karl , Marafioti Teresa , Quezada Sergio A. , Meyer Tim

Background: Immunotherapy is currently being explored in many tumour types with encouraging results, but has not yet been evaluated in neuroendocrine tumours (NET). Our aim is to characterise the immune landscape of NET and determine which immune-modulatory pathways control the tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) in order to develop a rational approach for immunotherapy in this tumour type.Methods: Peripheral blood and fresh tissue was obtained from c...