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ea0041gp24 | Adrenal (2) | ECE2016

Does measurement of serum dexamethasone increase diagnostic accuracy of the overnight dexamethasone-suppression test?

Ueland Grethe AEstrom , Methlie Paal , Thordasron Hrafnkell Baldur , Lovas Kristian , Kelp Oskar , Mellgren Gunnar , Husebye Eystein

Background: 1-mg overnight dexamethasone-suppression test (DST) is commonly used to screen for hypercortisolism. Sensitivity is high (95%), but specificity is low (80%), leading to false positive results. Identifying individuals with abnormal dexamethasone absorption or metabolism could enhance diagnostic accuracy.Aim: Use serum dexamethasone (s-DXT) to increase diagnostic accuracy of DST.Methods: Prospective study of DST for clini...