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ea0090rc8.3 | Rapid Communications 8: Calcium and Bone | ECE2023

CYP24A1 mutation as a rare cause of hypercalcemia during pregnancy

Kullamaa Liisa , SOderlund Sanni , Viukari Marianna , Matikainen Niina , Schalin-Jantti Camilla

Clinical case: A 27-year-old pregnant woman (24 weeks of gestation) was investigated as her Hb level (87 g/l) was low. Laboratory work-up revealed severe, non-PTH dependent hypercalcemia (see Table). This was her first pregnancy, and serum calcium measured once previously 12 years earlier had been normal. The patient had symptoms of increased thirst, constipation and hyperemesis.Diagnostic work up and Treatment: Rehydration and close mon...

ea0090p566 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2023

Evaluation of CYP11B2 immunostaining findings and cure rates of primary aldosteronism subtyped by anatomical imaging and functional methods

Viukari Marianna , Leijon Helena , Vesterinen Tiina , Porsti Ilkka , Nevalainen Pasi I. , Matikainen Niina

Background: The best lateralization method to ascertain cure after surgery in unilateral primary aldosteronism (PA) is debated. Risk of persistent of PA in those with non-classical adrenal histopathology remains poorly characterized.Objective: We examined the value of anatomical compared with functional subtyping and the significance of immunohistochemical analysis of CYP11B1 and CYP11B2 for the outcome and histopathological diagnosis of primary aldoster...

ea0073aep792 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

Long-term follow-up in primary aldosteronism: the major determinant of the haemodynamic phenotype is volume load

Kokko Eeva , Mutanen Aapo , Choudhary Manoj , Tikkakoski Antti , Onni Niemelä , Viukari Marianna , Matikainen Niina , Mustonen Jukka , Nevalainen Pasi , Ilkka Pörsti

BackgroundAldosterone excess causes volume retention and cardiovascular damage. We evaluated the long-term haemodynamic changes in patients with targeted treatment of primary aldosteronism (PA) (n = 40) in comparison with essential hypertension (EH) (n = 40) and untreated normotensive controls (n = 40).MethodsPA patients were subjected to adrenal vein sampling and allocated to adren...