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ea0016p594 | Paediatric endocrinology | ECE2008

The coincidence of Poland syndrome and Turner syndrome

Wikiera Beata , Wojcik Elzbieta , Noczynska Anna

Poland syndrome (PS) is a defect consisting in unilateral deficiency of the pectoralis major muscle and anomaly of the ipsilateral upper limb, usually in the form of syndactyly or synbrachydactyly. The absence of a nipple and the aplasia of a mammary gland are frequently found. The incidence of PS ranges from 1:7000 to 1:100 000.The authors present a 5-year-old girl with a very rare coincidence of PS and Turner syndrome. The child was born after 38 weeks...

ea0016p359 | Growth and development | ECE2008

Lipid peroxidation as possible mechanism of apoptosis activation in low birth weight children

Barg Ewa , Gasiorowski Kazimierz , Wikiera Beata , Skoczynska Anna , Turczyn Barbara , Wojcik Elzbieta , Grabowski Marcin

Children born with low birth weight (LBW, below 2500 g) exhibit slower development with deficit of height susceptibility to recurrent infections, especially of respiratory tract and, in adulthood, an increased risk of developing syndrome X. One possible explanation could be an enhanced elimination of cells by apoptosis.The aim of this study was evaluate of mechanism of lipid peroxidation and activity of caspase 3 in children with low birth weight.<p ...

ea0016p596 | Paediatric endocrinology | ECE2008

The superoxide dismutase and lipid peroxide in children with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease

Wojcik Elzbieta , Barg Ewa , Gromkowska Malgorzata , Maslowska Ewa , Wikiera Beata , Kalita Danuta , Gamian Elzbieta , Turczyn Barbara , Skoczynska Anna

Metabolic disturbances occur more often in patients with Down Syndrome (DS, trisomy 21) than in the health population.Superoxide dismutase (SOD-1), the main enzyme in the antioxidative system, is coded on chromosome 21. Disturbances in the antioxidative system may play a major role in the development of complications of CHD with arterio-venous shunt.The aim was to evaluate the activity of SOD-1 and concentration of LPO in children ...