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194th Meeting of the Society for Endocrinology and Society for Endocrinology joint with Diabetes UK Endocrinology and Diabetes Day

Oral Communications

Young Endocrinologist Session

ea0006oc1 | Young Endocrinologist Session | SFE2003

Bicuspid Aortic Valve is associated with increased arterial stiffness in adult women with Turner Syndrome

Ostberg J , Donald A , Storry C , Lloyd N , McCarthy C , Halcox J , Conway G

IntroductionCardiovascular disease, which may be structural or ischaemic, is the major cause of morbidity and mortality for women with Turner Syndrome (TS). This study investigated arterial augmentation index (AI%) and pulse wave velocity (PWV) as measures of arterial stiffness in adults with TS. A more positive AI% and greater PWV indicate increased arterial stiffness.Method66 women with TS and 8 normal wome...

ea0006oc2 | Young Endocrinologist Session | SFE2003

The nature of the quality of life (QOL) impairment in adult GHD survivors of cancer and their response to GH replacement therapy

Tolhurst-Cleaver S , Mukherjee A , Smethurst L , Shalet S

OBJECTIVE: To determine the characteristics of the QOL impairment observed in GHD survivors of cancer (group 1), and response to GH replacement in comparison with GHD patients with primary pituitary pathology (non-secreting pituitary adenoma or prolactinoma; group 2).METHODS: Patients were considered for GH replacement on the basis of biochemically established severe GHD and subjectively poor QOL noted at interview. QOL was studied at baseline, and at ea...

ea0006oc3 | Young Endocrinologist Session | SFE2003

Recurrent painful unilateral Gynaecomastia with relapsing Hyperthyroidism

Jayapaul M , Williams M , Davies D , Large D

An 82-year-old male was referred to the breast clinic with a four month history of painful right gynaecomastia (GM), without nipple discharge. A 4 cm plaque of tender, soft tissue was palpable. Physical examination and external genitalia were normal. There was no relevant drug history. Prolactin, Testosterone (T), CXR, Ultrasound and FNA of the breast were normal. LH 13.0 IU (1.5-10.0) and FSH 18.1 IU (1.5-10.0) were raised. FT3 was raised at 7.3 pmol/L (3.5-5.5) with TSH supp...

ea0006oc4 | Young Endocrinologist Session | SFE2003

Influence of Annexin 1 gene deletion on dopaminergic cell numbers in the mid-brain

Shah A , McArthur S , Morris J , Flower R , Buckingham J , Gillies G

There is now substantial evidence to suggest that the early life environment can have a permanent effect on adult physiology. Recently we have shown that early postnatal glucocorticoid (GC) exposure produces alterations in midbrain dopaminergic cell number in the adult rat, in a gender-specific manner (McArthur et al., Brit. Neurosci. Assoc. Abstr. 2003;17:27). Since the protein annexin 1 (ANXA1) mediates some aspects of the effects of GCs within the immune system and the hypo...

ea0006oc5 | Young Endocrinologist Session | SFE2003

Non-genomic Progesterone Receptors in Human Endometrium

Harding O , Bramley T , Critchley H , Kelly R , Jabbour H

Introduction:Steroid hormones exert numerous effects through their action on genomic receptors but little is known about the rapid effects mediated via membrane-bound proteins. Analyses in several vertebrate species indicate that three groups (alpha or A, beta or B, and gamma) of membrane progestin receptors (mPR) exist and have distinct tissue distributions.Objective:The aims of this study were to establish ...

ea0006oc6 | Young Endocrinologist Session | SFE2003

Crosstalk between IGF signalling and cadherin-mediated cell adhesion promotes myogenic differentiation

Lovett F , Gonzalez M , Carter E , Cobb L , Salih D , Tripathi G , Holding C , Pell J

The IGF-I receptor (IGF-IR) growth/survival pathways are engaged in crosstalk with pathways induced by cell-cell interactions. Different elements of the IGF-IR signalling system also affect the phosphorylation status of molecules involved in the regulation of cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesion, such as catenins. In addition, the IGF-IR has been shown to co-precipitate with cell adhesion complexes.In this study, the crosstalk between IGF signalling and ...