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Endocrine Abstracts (2004) 7 P35

The effect of body mass index on duration of intensive care stay and in-hospital mortality after cardiac surgery in an Irish centre

TJ Cawood1, D O'Shea1, N Dowd2, E McGovern2, M Tolan2, V Young2, M O'Connell2 & FM Lyons3

1Department of Endocrinology, St Columcilles Hospital, Dublin, Ireland; 2Department of Cardiac Surgery, St James Hospital, Dublin, Ireland; 3Department of Anaesthesia, St James Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.


We aimed to establish whether Body Mass Index (BMI) affected outcomes including duration of intensive care stay and in-hospital mortality following cardiac surgery in an Irish cardiac surgery centre.


A retrospective analysis of a consecutive series of 1055 cardiac surgery patients from June 2001 to June 2003 was carried out.


BMI (kg/m2) data were recorded for 939 of 1055 patients. The remaining 116 patients were not statistically different in all variables other than mean ventilation time, which was shorter, and were excluded from further analysis. The mean BMI was 27.4 (SD 4.58), median 26.9, range 15.4 to 53.3. The distribution of BMI was normal and positively skewed (skew 0.86). 30.7% were of normal weight, 42.1% were overweight and 26.9% were obese. The male:female ratio was 73:27. Mean age was 62.7 years, with males being younger (61.8 years) at operation than females (65.4 years), P<0.001. The mean duration of artificial ventilation and stay in the intensive care unit were both negatively correlated with BMI (correlation coefficient -0.07, P=0.026 and -0.09, P=0.005, respectively). There was no correlation between BMI and total length of hospital stay or in-hospital mortality.


Thus, obesity did not increase either duration of artificial ventilation, duration of intensive care stay, total length of hospital stay or in-hospital mortality. This study adds further support to the argument that obese patients who need cardiac surgery should not be discriminated against compared to patients of normal BMI.

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