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Audit of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Nurse led weight management clinic

Sarah Eldridge , Caroline Murphy & Mohgah Elsheikh

Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Objective: PCOS affects approximately 10% of women of reproductive age. An audit of our PCOS clinic showed that 75% of our patients were overweight or obese. Following this a Nurse led PCOS weight management clinic was developed. The aim of this audit was to determine whether the Nurse led clinic was effective in helping overweight women with PCOS lose weight.

Methods: Data was collected on women attending the clinic at each monthly appointment since April 2005. Data collected included physical activity levels, use of food diaries, medication taken, changes in menstruation and weight loss data.

Results: A total of 61 women have attended the clinic for at least 2 months since April 2005 with a mean starting BMI of 37.8.

37 women have attended for at least 3 months. Of those 32 have lost weight with a mean weight loss of 2.88 kg. 5 lost 5% of their total body weight with a further 2 losing 7.5% and 3 losing 10%.

32 women have attended for at least 6 months. Of those 30 lost weight with a mean weight loss of 4.94 kg. 3 lost 5% of their total body weight with a further 3 losing 7.5% and 4 losing 10%.

There was improvement in the menstrual cycles of the women who lost more than 5% of their weight and 4 women became pregnant.

Of the women who lost at least 5% of their body weight, 71% had kept food diaries and 86% had increased their exercise levels. 86% of the women were also taking Metformin and 7% were taking Orlistat.

Conclusion: A Nurse led weight management clinic assists women with PCOS to lose weight. Exercise, Food diaries and Metformin also assist weight loss. Weight loss is associated with an improvement in menstrual cyclicity and fertility in overweight women with PCOS.

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