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The association of high sensitivity C-reactive protein levels with body fat mass and body fat distribution

Deniz Gokalp 1 , Alpaslan Tuzcu 1 , Hatice Akay 2 , Senay Arikan 1 & Mithat Bahceci 1


1Dicle University School of Medicine Department of Endocrinology, Diyarbakir, Turkey; 2Dicle University School of Medicine Department of Radiology, Diyarbakir, Turkey.

Background and aim: C-reactive protein (CRP) is a sensitive marker for systemic inflammation. In this study we aimed to investigate the relationship between high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) levels and BMI, body fat mass and fat distribution in healthy subjects.

Subjects and methods: A total 117 healthy subjects aged with 20–68 yr [normal weight (BMI 18.5–25.0 kg/m2, n:35), overweight (BMI: 25–30 kg/m2, n:27) and obese (BMI ≥30.0, n: 55)] were included to the study. Body weigt, BMI, waist and hip circumferences, skinfolds (biceps, triceps, suprailiac and subscapular region) with skinfold caliper and ultrasonography and body fat mass with bioelectric impedance of all subjects were measured. Hs-CRP concentrations were measured with immunometric assay. Analysis of variance, post hoc Benferoni test and Pearson correlation test were used for statistical analysis.

Results: Mean serum hs-CRP levels of obese group determined with BMI were higher than overweight and normal weight groups (7.3±5.46, 2.5±3.13, 0.66±1.1, respectively, P=0.0001). Mean serum hs-CRP levels of overweight group was not different normal weight groups. In addition hs-CRP levels were positively correlated with BMI, waist and hip circumferences, fat mass and skinfold thickness of all 4 regions. Al data were shown in Table 1.

Conclusions: 1-Hs-CRP level is high in obese patients and there was close relationship between BMI and HS-CRP serum levels. 2-Both waist and hip circumference positively correlated with hs-CRP level, these data suggest that not only android obesity but also gineoid obesity increased hs-CRP levels. 3-Skinfold thicknesses were useful methods in clinical practice and they were also positively correlated hs-CRP levels

BMI (kg/m2) Waist crcum. CmHip circum. (cm)Fatmass (kg)
SkinfoldThickness (cm)
BicepsTricepsSuprailiac Subscapular
Biceps(USG) Triceps(USG) Suprailiac(USG) Subscapular(USG)

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