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The role of combined treatment of arterial hypertension in patients with obesity

Doliashvili Tamar , Giorgadze Ellen , Asatiani Ketevan & Surmava Arkadi


N4 clinical hospital, Tbilisi, Georgia.

The aim of our study was to assess the advantage of combinative therapy with lisinopril and moxonidin for the treatment of arterial hypertension in group of obese patients in comparison to the single-drug therapy with lisinopril.

Methods: 26 obese patients were divided in 2 groups. They underwent a 24-hour monitoring of the arterial pressure and were diagnosed as arterial hypertension II degree (ESH-ESC). In the I group for the purpose of stabilization of arterial hypertension lisinopril was given in the daily dose of 10 mg for 2 times, in the II group we gave a combination of lisinopril in the same dose as in the I group plus moxonidinin the daily dose of 0.4 mg for 1 times. The evaluation of state of health and the ambulatory registration of the arterial pressure data were carried out every week. After 3 weeks from the beginning of the treatment repeatedly the monitoring was done and the data were compared in both of the groups.

Results: At the beginning of the treatment the mean daily indices of the arterial pressure in the groups were 165/100 mmHg and 166/98 mmHg. After 2 weeks from the treatment in both groups the data of the pressure stabilized, however in the group of combinative therapy the decrease of the daily dose of lisinopril was required on 5 mg because of more expressed lowering of the arterial pressure data, and after 3 weeks of the treatment according to repeated monitoring the mean daily indices were 142/87 mmHg and 136/85 mmHg. The state of the health was improved markedly in both of the groups.

Conclusion: Adding the agonist of imidazoline receptor in the standard antihypertension therapy significantly improves the state of the health and tolerance of the therapy, as well as enables the lowering of the other antihypertensive medications.

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