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Endocrine Abstracts (2007) 14 P256

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HRT in treatment of dislipidemia in women with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

Vita Zektser , Irena Ilovayskaya , Aleksandr Iliyn , Nikolay Goncharov & Galina Melnichenko

Research Centre for Endocrinology, Moscow, Russia.

Hypoestrogenemia is associated with dislipidemia and is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in postmenopausal women. However, there is a cohort of young women with gonadal steroid deficit caused by the disorders of central regulation. Twenty women with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH) were included in group 1. (median age - 29 years and 3 months, median duration of amenorhea - 5 years 3 months, mean BMI - 24.6±6.05 kg/cm2. Women were examined before and after the 12 months treatment with 2 mg of 17-β-estradiol and 10 mg of dydrogesteron in sequenced manner. Twenty three healthy women were included in the group 2 (control), median age 27 years, Mean BMI - 24.0±4.37 kg/cm2.

Dislipidemia was found in all patients with HH before the treatment. The levels of total cholesterol was 5.65±1.26 mmol/l and tryglycerides 1.63±1.0* mmol/l; HDL 1.34±1.0 mmol/l and LDL 3.9±1.1* mmol/l. In the control group total cholesterol was 4.85±0.36 mmol/l, tryglycerides 0.78±0.07 mmol/l, HDL 1.77±0.33 mmol/l and LDL 1.8±0.7 mmol/l (*P<0,05). All of the parameters were higher in group 1, but the significant difference was in LDH and tryglyceride levels.

After 12 months treatment BMI didn’t change in all of the patientes with HH, there was small but not significant reducing of cholesterol 5.2±1.23 mmol/ l and tryglycerides 1.16±0.78 mmol/l leveles and the LDL 2.96±1.1* mmol/l level reduced significantly (*P<0.05).

It is important to notice that hypoestrogenemia in women of reproductive age with HH leads to dislipidemia and HRT taking can somehowe correct this unpleasant changes.

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