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Clinical and pathological characteristics of thyroid anaplastic carcinoma: a regional survey in Auvergne

Guillaume Larroumets 1 , Igor Tauveron 1 , Frederic Somda 1 , Beatrice Roche 1 , Francoise Desbiez 1 , Catherine Dejax 2 , Fabrice Kwiatkowski 2 , Philippe Thieblot 1 & Groupe Thyroide Auvergne 1

1Endocrinology CHU, Clermont-Ferrand, France; 2Centre Jean Perrin, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Thyroid anaplastic carcinoma (TAC) is rare among thyroid cancers. Few surveys on these diseases are available.

Aim: To analyze the clinical and pathological characteristics of TAC in Auvergne, France, from a series of 26 patients among a cohort of over 1500 thyroid carcinomas (i.e. 1.7% of total thyroid cancers).

Results: Mean age was 72.1 years (range 42–91 years), with a sex ratio of 19 women to 7 men. A previous history of thyroid disorder is reported in 77%. 17 patients had goitre (among which 3 previously underwent surgery for nodular disease). 21 patients were euthyroid, 4 hyperthyroid and one presented with hypothyroidism. Recent onset (<6 month) of clinical symptoms is the rule. 92% of patients present with rapidly growing cervical mass. Other common symptoms include dyspnoea (50%), dysphagia (46%), dysphonia (42%). Occasionally pain ((8%), superior vena cava syndrome (19%) or poor general condition is reported. Tumour size is large, 8 cm (range 1–19 cm) with capsular overlap in 69%. Muscular extension occurs in 38%. Lymphadenopathies are reported in 38% and metastasis in 15% at admission. Pathological analysis of TAC reveals spindle cell carcinoma (54%), giant cells (46%) or occasionally squamous cells.In conjunction, 9 patients presented other thyroid carcinomas (7 papillary, 1 follicular and 1 sclerous occult).

Conclusion: TAC remains rare, occurs in the elderly with rapid growth and major compressive disorders. Spindle cell and giant cells are the most common pathologic findings, and association with other thyroid carcinomas appear in over 1/3 patients.

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