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Thyroid abnormalities during treatment with PEGIFNα-2a and PEGIFNα-2b in patients affected by HCV-related chronic disease: &br;a prospective randomized study

Francesco Scavuzzo 1 , Guido Di Monda 1 , Domenico Serino 1 , Maria Teresa Tartaglione 2 , Filippo Lampasi 2 , Antonio Ascione 2 & Raffaele Volpe 1


1Endocrinology Unit – Cardarelli Hospital, Naples, Italy; 2Liver Unit – Cardarelli Hospital, Naples, Italy.

Background: Correlation between therapy with interferons, thyroid autoimmunity and dysfunction is widely reported. Currently we used two different pegilated-interferons (α-2a, α-2b).

Aim: Evaluate a probable different behaviour of two PEG-IFN responsible of thyroid abnormalities.

Patients and methods: We observed 236 consecutive naïve-patients with HCV-related chronic-disease undergoing a treatment with antiviral therapy from June 2003 to June 2005; we enrolled 54 females and 68 males alternatively to α-2a (median age 49.03, chronic hepatitis 98, cirrhosis 24) and α-2b (median age 48.3, chronic hepatitis 106, cirrhosis 16). Thyroid autoimmunity (TgAb, TPOAb) and function (FT4, FT3, TSH) were evaluated before, during treatment (3, 6, 9, 12 months) and in follow up (12 months).

Results: At the end of treatment 21 patients (8,6%), median age 48.03, 10 females, all chronic hepatitis without cirrhosis, 16 without preexisting thyroid dysfunction, 5 with low positivity for thyroid autoantibodies (Abs+), developed thyroid disorders:

ptshypothyroidism hyperthyroidism in autoimmune thyroiditisSubacute thyroiditisAbs+

Therapy was discontinued for thyroid abnormalities in 3 patients: 2 for hyperthyroidism to VI month, (one with α-2a, one with α-2b, Abs+ before therapy), confirmed in the follow up; 1 for subacute thyroiditis to VI month with α-2a, with euthyroidism in the follow up. At the end of follow up 6 patients were Abs−, 3 was Abs+; for 8 patients hypothyroidism, for 4 patients hyperthyroidism remained.

Conclusions: Thyroid disease appear to III,VI and IX month of therapy in: α-2a 4,4 and 2 patients (8 females; median age 47); α-2b 1,7 and 3 patients (5 females; median age 44.3). Two PEG-IFN don’t show significative differences for induced thyroid dysfunction; furthermore none cirrhotic patients developed thyroid abnormalities.

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