Endocrine Abstracts (2007) 14 P75

Metabolic improvement in diabetic patients with glucose continuous monitoritation in real time

Cristobal Morales Portillo, Isabel Serrano Olmedo, Silvia Maraver, Amaya Fernandez Arguelles, Juan Manuel Garcia-Quiros Muñoz, Guillermo Martinez De Pinillos, Carmen De La Cuesta Mayor & Angel Sendon Perez

Virgen Macarena Hospital, Seville, Spain.

Objective: To study if the use of continuous glucose monitoritation systems in real time (GUARDIAN REAL TIME®) in the diabetic patients could improve the metabolic control.

Material and method: 15 type 1diabetic patients studied (age: 33.8±13.40, years of evolution: 17.06±11.32) in intensive treatment (5 multidoses, 10 insulin pump) which were made one first blind 4 days long monitoritation to them, PERIOD 1 (P. BLIND) with sensor CGMS Gold®. Next it was made another monitoritation with a real time system with glycemia and alarms of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, GUARDIAN RT®, PERIOD 2 (P. Real time). These 2 monitoritations were consecutive in each patient, establishing in the second period the levels of alarm of hypoglycemia in 50 mg/dl and hyperglycemia in 200 mg/dl. We studied in both periods: Average glycemia Glycemia Variability, Percentage of time in hiperglycemia (>180), normoglycemia and hipoglycemia (<70). A non-parametric test for matched up data was made (Wilcoxon)

Average glucose157.17±34.30 (110–224)137.49±21.99 (115–203)0.053
Variability73.72±19.60 (38–103)48.23±13.20 (25–75)<0.005
% High32.56±19.25 (7.0–75.0)19.90±13.87 (1.23–56.03)<0.05
% Euglucemia55.49±17.79 (25.0–86.0)74.98±14.22 (43.97–98.77)<0.005
% Low11.94±8.04 (0.00–29.00)5.10±5.16 (0–17.00)<0.005

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