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Health-related quality of life in constitutionally tall children and adolescents

Galina Melnitchenko 1 , Dmitry Koloda 1 , Vyacheslav Pronin 1 & Anatoly Tiulpakov 2

1I M Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Moscow, Russian Federation; 2Endocrinology Research Center of Federal Agency for Provision of High Technology Medical Aid, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Objective: To evaluate the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in children and adolescents with constitutional tall stature (CTS).

Materials and methods: Sixty-two patients (20 males and 42 females) with CTS aged 9.3–16.4 years (12.9±2.4 years, mean±S.D.) were enrolled in this study. Sixty-eight normal subjects (24 males and 44 females) aged 9.8–16.2 years (13.1±2.1 years) served as controls. The evaluation of the HRQoL was performed using validated Russian version of 23-item PedsQL 4.0 (pediatric quality of life inventory) generic core scales.

Results: Mean total score (TS) and psychosocial health summary score (PHSS) were significantly lower in CTS females than in controls (mean TS: 69.4±3.4 vs 81.5±2.3; P=0.02; mean PHSS: 65.2±3.1 vs 80.8±2.7; P=0.012). Similar results were observed in parent proxy-reports (mean TS: 63.2±2.2 vs 81.3±2.1, P=0.004; mean PHSS: 60.4±3.3 vs 79.8±2.2; P=0.006). In contrast the physical functioning score was not significant different from that determined in controls. Also there were no significant differences in HRQoL parameters between CTS males and control group.

Conclusions: Females with CTS rated their HRQoL considerably lower than healthy controls, the domains of social and emotional functioning being particularly affected. The parents’ ratings were considerably lower than those of the patients.

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