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Endocrine Abstracts (2008) 16 P705

Thyroid function of pregnant women hospitalized in a section of gestational pathology

Zsuzsanna Szanto, Imre Zoltan Kun & Bela Szabo

University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Targu Mures, Mures, Romania.

In our previous studies, we determined the incidence of thyroid dysfunctions in pregnant women in endocrinological out-patient departments, comparing the frequency and nature of gestational complications in hypothyroid pregnant women versus pregnants without thyroid disturbances. In the present study, we proposed to appreciate thyroid dysfunctions in a clinical section of pregnant women with gestational pathology. We investigated 75 pregnant women hospitalized in the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nr. I. Tg.Mureş, gestational pathology section, during September–November 2006. We determined the TSH in all women, and in addition FT4, T3 and anti-TPO antibodies in those patients whose gestational complications couldn’t be explained by obstetrical–gynecological (placental or organic genital pathology), general or acute infectious diseases. In 11 cases (14.7%), we obtained pathological hormone values, detecting in 6 women (8%) hypothyroidism and in 5 (6.7%) hyperthyroidism. Among these patients 10 were hospitalized for serious gestational complications, without any other trigger factors. In half of the women with hypothyroidism (3), we observed a normal TSH-level with a decreased FT4-value, situation described by other authors in 2/3 of pregnant women. From the 6 hypothyroid women 5 (83.3%) presented considerable gestational complications: those 3 with normal TSH had tardive dysgravidia, imminent abortion or history of precocious neonatal mortality, while the other 2 were hospitalized for imminent abortion and pregnancy induced arterial hypertension, respectively. All the 5 hyperthyroid women presented serious gestational complications: 2 imminent abortion, one imminent premature delivery, one gestational hyperemesis and a woman had 3 spontaneous abortion in anamnesis. In conclusion, among the 44 pregnant women having gestational complications with unknown etiology, in 11 (25%) was detected a thyroid dysfunction.

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