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What is the point of the adrenal cortex?

Vinson G

I first developed a research interest in the adrenal cortex about 50 years ago. As for many others, these studies gave a detailed insight into several important, though necessarily focused aspects. Teaching endocrinology to undergraduates, it was easy to explain the functions of the gland by following the usual well-trodden paths. Over several years, however, I have come to realize that, despite all that, I still don’t actually know what the adrenal cortex is for. ...

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Importance of comparative studies to general understanding of endocrine systems

Balment R

Our research has embraced fish, reptilian and mammalian models, including Man. Investigations of endocrine control of sodium and water management and more recently calcium homeostasis, integrate molecular, biochemical, cellular and whole organism approaches. In recognition of the high level of conservation of these vital body processes through the vertebrate series, key research questions have been moved back and forth between species. This has brought experience and knowledge...

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Photoperiodic signalling in birds

Sharp P

Photoperiodic time measurement is achieved through a hypothalamic pacemaker that generates a circadian rhythm of photoinducibilty. The presence of light during the photoindicible phase of this rhythm induces photoperiodic responses. Coincidence of light and the photoinducible phase induces increased expression of TSH beta in pars tuberalis cells that results in a local increase in TSH in the adjacent medial basal hypothalamus (MBH). This in turn stimulates local ...

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Anabolic steroid abuse in the gym

Wheeler M

The public tends to associate anabolic steroid abuse with elite athletes due to headline news in the newspapers, unaware that abuse also occurs in the local gyms. Regular users may be suspicious of some members of their local gym, or is it just envy? Studies have shown, however, that in some gyms over 50% of members may be taking steroids, and includes both men and women. Abusers tend to start taking steroids in their teens and some even as young as 12 years. Because many are ...

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Leadership for creation of excellence

Dyer R

In this world, there are no prizes for coming second: the only way to flourish in any field is through excellence, and that includes the leadership of groups and organisations. Leadership, however, is a lazily understood concept. We know about charismatic leaders, with vision and ability to think laterally, who save nations in a state of crisis. Yet these same characteristics are often also needed by those who lead science-based organisations. Furthermore even charismatic lead...

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Jade, sex and a Chinese neolithic culture

Anderson D

I propose to take you on a journey, which started in 2000, when I bought my first Hongshan jade carving, a reproductive piece, in Hong Kong. Since then, as my collection and my obsession have grown at very low financial cost, I have been trying to fathom out why so many ‘experts’ are completely wrong about jade, and especially Neolithic jade. This corner of collecting is truly in the dark ages, where expert opinion rules over evidence, and this is providing me with t...