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11th European Congress of Endocrinology

ea0020p55 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Report of twelve cases with thyroid hemiagenesis: single centre experience from Turkey

Comlekci Abdurrahman , Akinci Baris , Demir Tevfik , Ozdogan Ozhan , Secil Mustafa , Saklamaz Ali , Yener Serkan , Canda Serafettin , Canda Tulay , Yesil Sena , Goktay Yigit

Thyroid hemiagenesis is a rare anomaly characterized with the absence of one thyroid lobe due to a failure in embryologic development of the thyroid gland. This anomaly is more frequent in women. It usually affects left side of the thyroid. Isthmus may be detected in half of the cases. Thyroid hemiagenesis is usually diagnosed after thyroid imaging due to other disorders, which might be related or unrelated to the thyroid gland. In this paper, we report clinical features of tw...

ea0020p56 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Severe obesity accompanied with subclinical hypothyroidism

Asatiani Ketevan , Janjgava Shota , Uchava Lasha , Tsagareli Marina , Tsagareli Nana

Obesity is the modern medical problem. According to the WHO expert panel the prevalence of obese population worldwide is 300 million and overweight is 750 million.In the first trimester of 2007, we studied the obese patients in the Iv. Javakhishvili State Medical University’s Department of Endocrinology. The objective of our research was to study the course of subclinical hypothyroidism adjunct with severe obesity, its diagnostic criteria and treatm...

ea0020p57 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The psychovegetative status at patients with postoperative primary hypothyriodism, compensated by levothyroxyn

Smirnova Elena , Shtayn Klara , Suhaia Natalia , Rusinova Irina , Belikova Julia

Purpose: To reveal changes of the vegetative status, namely vegetative maintenance, vegetative reactance, and infringement of emotional status at patients with postoperative primary hypothyroidism (concerning central or total craws), the compensated treatment by levothyroxyn.Materials and methods: Sixteen persons are included in research with primary hypothyroidism with various etiology, compensated by levothyroxyn. The ages – 36–58 years, dura...

ea0020p58 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The influence of thyroxine replacement therapy on bone mineral density in hypothyroid subjects

Polovina Snezana , Nemet Klara Tucic , Pletikosic Ivana , Obradovic Angelina

Recent studies have suggested that subjects receiving thyroxine replacement therapy are in potentially increased risk of osteoporosis. We set out to measure bone mineral densities by ultrasound bone densitometry (UBMD) in three groups: group A of post-menopausal women (N=25) mean age 65 (±14), group B of women in generative period (N=20) mean age 41(±11), and group C (N=18) male mean age 54, receiving thyroxine replacement therapy during two year...

ea0020p59 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Real-time elastography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound for the assessment of thyroid nodules

Friedrich-Rust Mireen , Sperber Andrea , Holzer Katharina , Gruenwald Frank , Badenhoop Klaus , Bechstein Wolf , Zeuzem Stefan , Bojunga Joerg

Background and aims: The aim of the present study was to evaluate real-time elastography (RTE) and contrast-enhanced ultrasound with Sonovue (CEUS) for the differentiation of benign and malignant thyroid nodules using cytologic/histologic analysis as reference method. While first studies have reported excellent results of RTE for the differentiation of thyroid nodules, data on CEUS of the thyroid are rare.Methods: RTE was classified as: score 1=soft, 2=p...

ea0020p60 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The value of TSH-assisted 18F-FDG PET in initial stage M0 thyroid carcinoma with suspicion of residual or recurrent disease

Taieb David , Ghander Cecile , Sebag Frederic , Tessonnier Laurent , Palazzo F Fausto , De Micco Catherine , Henry Jean-Francois , Mundler Olivier

Purpose: Persistence of well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma most commonly involves cervical lymph nodes. The purposes of the study were to evaluate the ability of FDG-PET/CT imaging to localize residual disease in initial stage M0 thyroid carcinoma thyroid cancer patients and to compare FDG-PET/CT to neck US.Methods: FDG-PET/CT and neck US results of 93 patients were retrospectively analysed. All FDG-PET/CT were performed during thyrotropin stimulation...

ea0020p61 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Influence of pentoxifylline on peripheral blood mononuclear cells proliferation and apoptosis in Graves’ ophthalmopathy

Melnik Irina , Hlazkova Anastasiya , Kosmacheva Svetlana , Goncharova Natallia , Danilova Larisa , Romanovskiy Aleksey

Pentoxifylline (PTX), a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, has a positive therapeutic effect in some autoimmune diseases due to immunomodulatory action.The aim of the study was to assess the influence of PTX on apoptosis and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) proliferation in patients with Graves’ ophthalmopathy (GO).Twenty-four patients with GO and 32 healthy controls were investigated. GO patients were divided into two grou...

ea0020p62 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Soluble CD40 and its ligand CD154 in patients with Graves’ orbitopathy during combined therapy with corticosteroids and teleradiotherapy

Mysliwiec Janusz , Waligorski Dariusz , Nikolajuk Agnieszka , Gorska Maria

It was shown recently that orbital fibroblasts express intensively CD40 and its ligation stimulates proinflammatory cytokines, glicosoaminoglycans and PGE2 production. CD40/CD154 interaction in the pathogenesis of Graves’ orbitopathy (GO) is suggested an important pathway of T cells induced fibroblast activation and proliferation.Aim: To assess the role of CD40/CD154 interaction in GO pathogenesis and to estimate usefulness of soluble CD4...

ea0020p63 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Analysis of the genetic markers: ANLN, BIRC5, UBE2C, IRAK1, ZMYCD11, CENPA in needle aspiration cytology (FNA) of thyroid and their used as targets for molecular-diagnosis and prognostic value

Mato Eugenia , Martin-Campos Jesus , Mora Josefina , Lerma Enrique , Bell Olga , de Leiva Alberto

Thyroid carcinoma is the most common endocrine malignancy. However, the absence of prognostic markers for identified well-differentiated tumors versus undifferentiated/anaplastic or poorly differentiated enhances of the progression of recurrent forms with an unfavorable prognosis. In order to identify potential markers for thyroid cancer prognosis prediction, we analyzed by cDNA micro-array the gene expression profile of tumors of the thyroid, with different degrees of maligna...

ea0020p64 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Association of G1201/T exon8 and A2257/C exon 12 polymorphisms with anti-TPO titter

Hedayati Mehdi , Daneshpour Maryam Sadat , Salehi Marziyeh , Azizi Fereidoun

Objective: The aim of this study was the assessment of association of two single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of thyroid peroxidase (TPO) gene with anti TPO antibody titer for the first time.Materials and methods: In this case–control study, peripheral blood samples of 428 individuals, 178 men (29–76 y) and 250 women (21–76 y) from unrelated families were genotyped (G1201T of exon 8 and A2257C of exon 12) by PCR amplification and RLFP met...

ea0020p65 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Prevalence of growth hormone deficiency in autoimmune hypothyroidism

Eskes Silvia , Endert Erik , Fliers Eric , Wiersinga Wilmar

Background: Autoimmune hypophysitis can result in growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Although autoimmune hypophysitis is uncommon, it is associated with other autoimmune endocrine diseases like autoimmune hypothyroidism (AIH). Recent studies suggest a high prevalence (5%) of GHD in AIH, which could contribute to the reduced quality of life frequently observed in patients with AIH despite adequate treatment with thyroxine.Objective: To establish the prevale...

ea0020p66 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Differences in expression pattern of all-trans retinoic acid and retinoid X nuclear receptor subtypes in papillary thyroid carcinoma: a comparison with anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

Macejova Dana , Ondkova Slavomira , Galbavy Stefan , Podoba Jan , Kausitz Juraj , Brtko Julius

Retinoid receptors (RARs) upon a proper ligand binding act as all-trans retinoic acid-inducible transcription factors interacting as heterodimers with retinoid X receptors (RXRs). Predominantly, novel synthetic retinoid analogues acting through RARs as redifferentiation agents would be of great value in treating patients with advanced thyroid cancer.The objective of this study was to investigate all-trans retinoic acid/9-cis retinoic acid n...

ea0020p67 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Rapid preparation of patients with hyperthyroidism for thyroidectomy

Kiyici Sinem , Oz Gul Ozen , Cander Soner , Kirdak Turkay , Unal Oguz Kaan , Ersoy Canan , Tuncel Ercan , Erturk Erdinc , Imamoglu Sazi

Thyroidectomy is an alternative treatment in the therapy of hyperthyroidism in patients who are non-compliant, drug-resistant or have various side effects to the antithyroid drugs. Preoperative preparation of hyperthyroid patients is extremely important to avoid per operative complications due to severe thyrotoxicosis. We investigated the effects of lugol solution usage with or without thionamides in the rapid preparation of thyroid surgery retrospectively. Twenty-two patients...

ea0020p68 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Treatment of patients with Graves’ orbitopathy (GO) with rituximab: effects on humoral immunity

Vannucchi Guia , Campi Irene , Bonomi Marco , Curro Nicola , Dazzi Davide , Covelli Danila , Bonara Paola , Persani Luca , Wall Jack , Beck-Peccoz Paolo , Salvi Mario

Rituximab (RTX) is a monoclonal antibody which binds CD20 antigen and induces B cell depletion. It is not known if its therapeutic effect in autoimmune diseases is mediated by modifications of the humoral immune response, namely the antibody production. Aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of RTX on serum TSH-receptor antibodies, both binding (TBII) and stimulating (TSAb) and on serum antibodies against three orbital antigens, calsequestrin, XIII collagen and th...

ea0020p69 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Diagnostic ability of computed tomography to assess Graves ophthalmopathy

Dragomir Adina , Dumitrascu Anda , Marinescu Ileana , Dumitrache Constantin , Dalea Anca , Hristea Ruxandra , Iconaru Laura , Oros Sabina

Objective: CT findings indicating that a patient is at risk for developing optic neuropathy are worth- while observations.Aim: The aim of our study was to determine the utility of CT imaging in identifying patients at risk for optic neuropathy and to compare quantifiable nonvolumetric CT data from a large series of orbits with Graves ophthalmopathy.Method: A total of 226 patients (452 orbits), 175 women (350 orbits) and 51 men (102...

ea0020p70 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Recombinant-human TSH (rhTSH) testing in patients with history of thyroid microcarcinomas

Capitanio Selene , Cecoli Francesca , Mortara Lorenzo , Fiz Francesco , Caorsi Valeria , Minuto Francesco , Giusti Massimo

Papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (mPTC) is being diagnosed increasingly frequently. Multifocality and nodal involvement are sometimes reported on diagnosis. Management ranges from observation to total thyroidectomy (Tx) followed by radioiodine (RAI) ablation. The role of rhTSH testing in mPTC has not been fully investigated. Torlontano et al. (2006) recently observed that rhTSH-stimulated Tg levels mainly depend on normal tissue remnant. Aim of this study was to further...

ea0020p71 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Comparison of the analgesic efficacy of lidocaine/prilocaine (EMLA) cream and needle-free delivery of lidocaine during the fine-needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules

Gursoy Alptekin , Anil Cuneyd , Ayturk Semra , Nar Asli , Tutuncu Neslihan Bascil

Objective: Efficacy of eutectic mixture of local anesthetics (EMLA) cream and the needle-free injection of local anesthesia for reducing the pain associated with fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of thyroid nodules was previously reported. However, direct comparison of the analgesic efficacy for both methods has not been established yet. The aim of this study was to compare the analgesic efficacy of EMLA cream and needle-free injection of lidocaine for FNAB-associated pain....

ea0020p72 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The role of anti-DNA antibodies in pathogenesis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Vagapova Gulnar , Sattarova Lilya

Introduction/objective: The exact mechanism of autoimmune thyroid destruction in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) remains unclear. Recently it has been found that the HT patients demonstrate increased levels of anti-DNA antibodies, which may be directed against various nuclear structures and may be involved in process of apoptosis. In this study, we examined the potential association between anti-DNA antibodies levels, thyroid function and activity of autoimmune...

ea0020p73 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Effects of 900 MHz electromagnetic fields emitted from cellular phone on T3, T4 and cortisol hormones of Syrian Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)

Shahryar Habib Aghdam , Lotfi Alireza

In this study, the effects of exposure to a 900 MHz electromagnetic field (EMF) on serum cortisol and triiodothronine–thyroxin (T3–T4) hormones levels of adult male Syrian Hamster were evaluated. Seventy two hamsters were used in three independent groups, 24 of which were control (without stress and EMF), 24 of which were exposed to 900 MHz EMF for 10 days and 24 of which were exposed to 900 MHz EMF for 50 days. The exposures were performed 1 h/...

ea0020p74 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The effect of overt and subclinical hypothyroidism on the development of nondipper blood pressure pattern

Inal Salih , Karakoc Mehmet Ayhan , Kan Erdal , Toruner Fusun Balos , Aslan Metin

‘Nondippers’ are individuals with absence of anticipated nocturnal decrease in blood pressure (BP) and increased incidence of target organ damage. The pathogenesis of nondipper hypertension is not clear at present. We aimed to investigate the effect of overt and subclinical hypothyroidism on the development of nondipper blood pressure pattern via 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. One hundred and nine normotensive patients with overt and subclinical hypoth...

ea0020p75 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Influence of thiamazole, lithium carbonate or prednisone administration on the efficacy of radioiodine treatment (131I) in hyperthyroid patients

Oszukowska Lidia , Knapska-Kucharska Malgorzata , Karbownik-Lewinska Malgorzata , Lewinski Andrzej

Introduction: Effects of selected drugs on the efficacy of (131I) radioiodine therapy were examined.Material and methods: The study involved 200 hyperthyroid patients, treated with radioactive iodine. They were divided into five (5) groups (40 persons in each). In group I – beside 131I, patients were additionally administered antithyroid drugs, in group II – 131I and lithium carbonate, group III – 131<...

ea0020p76 | Thyroid | ECE2009

BRAFV600E mutation and timp-1 hyper-expression in classical variants of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC)

Bommarito Alessandra , Carissimi Elvira , Richiusa Pierina , Amato Marco Calogero , Russo Leonardo , Zito Giovanni , Pizzolanti Giuseppe , Giordano Carla

BRAFV600E mutation is considered useful in recognizing thyroid cancer aggressiveness or poor prognosis particularly in certain variants of papillary thyroid cancinoma (PTC). A recent meta-analysis identified 12 cancer-versus-non cancer gene candidate as markers of thyroid cancer; among these TIMP-1 (tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases) was found consistently up-regulated. Our aim was to evaluate BRAFV600E mutation and TIMP-1 expression in 14 PTC class...

ea0020p77 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Analysis of sonic hedgehog gene in patients with thyroid hemiagenesis: preliminary report

Szczepanek Ewelina , Ruchala Marek , Szaflarski Witold , Budny Bartlomiej , Nowicki Michal , Zabel Maciej , Sowinski Jerzy

Thyroid hemiagenesis (TH) is a rare inborn anomaly presenting as failure of the development of one thyroid lobe. Recent research on the molecular background underlying thyroid dysgenesis have mainly focused on patients with congenital hypothyroidism; in contrast, subjects presenting TH were only sporadically involved. Changes in transcription factor genes, including TTF1, TTF2 and PAX8, which play an important role in thyroid embryogenesis, have been postu...

ea0020p78 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Value of ultrasound elastography of the thyroid gland in differentiating malignant nodules

Ghervan Cristina , Dumitriu Dana , Dudea Sorin , Muntean Valentin , Duncea Ileana

Background and objective: One of the key features of thyroid gland cancer evaluated at palpation is the degree of firmness: malignant lesions tend to be much harder than benign ones. US elastography is combining the diagnostic advantages of high-frequency US examination and the accuracy of thyroid cancer diagnosis based on the lesion’s stiffness. The aim of our prospective study was to evaluate the elastographic appearance of thyroid gland tumours and to explore the sensi...

ea0020p79 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Autoimmune thyroiditis: ultrasound phenotypes in 1500 patients

Peretianu Dan , Carsote Mara , Goldstein Andrei , Chirita Corina

Introduction: Autoimmune thyroiditis is a disease where the immune system attacks and destroys the thyroid gland. If the pathological exam lacks, the serum antithyroid antibodies are used to diagnose it. Also a useful tool is represented by the anterior cervical ultrasound.Aim: Our aim was to study the ultrasound phenotype in patients diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT+).Material and methods: The patients were investig...

ea0020p80 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Association between BMI and serum TSH in euthyroid subjects: the Tehran thyroid study

Amouzegar Atieh , Hosseinpanah Farhad , Azizi Fereidoun

Introduction: It is evident that hypothyroid patients have higher BMI than euthyroids. Until recently, much attention has been focused on finding whether minor abnormalities of thyroid function or differences in thyroid status of euthyroid subjects are related to body weight. Controversies, however, exist regarding the role of TSH in weight changes of euthyroid subjects.Objective: The aim of this study, the Tehran Thyroid Study, was to determine any poss...

ea0020p81 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ (PPARγ) expression in parathyroid adenomas in primary hyperparathyroidism

Akcay Gungor , Akcay Mufide Nuran , Arslan Remzi

Background: Primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) is an important endocrinologic cause of metabolic bone disorder in human. The regulatory mechanism of the cells of parathyroid gland proliferation is not exactly known. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ (PPARγ) is a member of nuclear receptor superfamily. PPARγ is expressed in adipose tissue at a high level. It plays a role on number of disorders such as adipose tissue differantiation, insulin sensivity, ...

ea0020p82 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Somatostatin receptor 2 expression in cold thyroid nodules exceeds that of hot thyroid nodules, papillary thyroid carcinoma and Graves’ disease

Sancak Seda , Hardt Anna , Singer Jorg , Kloppel G , Eren Funda Tanay , Sen Leyla Semiha , Gulluoglu Bahadir M , Sever Zeynep , Akalin N Sema , Eszlinger Markus , Paschke Ralf

Objective: The specificity and cellular origin of the SSRS findings in CN, HN, PC and GD is currently unclear and partially contradicts the well defined action of somatostatin on thyroid cell signaling. Therefore, we systematically evaluated SSTR2 expression in benign cold (CN) and hot thyroid nodules (HN), papillary carcinomas (PCs) and Graves’ disease (GD) in comparison with intraindividual control surrounding tissues (ST) by means of immunohistochemistry.<p class="...

ea0020p83 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The role of repeat fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) in the management of thyroid nodule

Castells Ignasi , Pardo Nuria , Gimenez Gabriel , Simo Olga , Recasens Asumpta , Franch Guzman , Guirao Xavier , Serrano Angel

Introduction: In 2004, the multidisciplinary thyroid nodule committee of our centre adopted the cytological classification from the British Thyroid Association for reporting fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) results and agreed about its proper management: Thy1, inadequate sample, repeat FNAB. Thy2, benign; follow up, repeat FNAB if nodule growth; Thy3 indeterminate or follicular lesions; surgery or repeat FNAB at 6 months if low clinical, sonographic or cytologyc suspicious...

ea0020p84 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Clinicopathologic features of incidental and nonincidental papillary thyroid microcarcinoma

Ozuguz Ufuk , Berker Dilek , Aydin Yusuf , Isik Serhat , Tutuncu Yasemin , Delibasi Tuncay , Guler Serdar

Objective: Most of the papillary thyroid microcarcinomas (PTMC) are incidentally discovered in pathological examination after the surgery of benign thyroid disorders. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate clinicopathologic features of incidental and nonincidental PTMC.Material and methods: We evaluated 56 patients with PTMC between 2003 and 2008 at the Division of Endocrinology of the Numune Training and Research Hospital. We analyzed the tumo...

ea0020p85 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Is there any beneficial effect of L-thyroxine replacement theraphy on cardiovascular risk factors in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism?

Unal Oguz Kaan , Erturk Erdinc , Sarandol Emre , Eroz Esma , Kiyici Sinem , Guclu Metin , Imamoglu Sazi

The relationship between increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and atherosclerosis in subclinical hypothyroidism (sHT) have been demonstrated in several studies. This relation was attributed to dyslipidemia which is common in sHT. Apo A1, apo B100, Lp (a), hsC-reactive protein (hsCRP), fibrinogen and total homocysteinemia (tHcy) are the main non-traditional cardiovascular risk factors. In addition, paraoxon 1 (PON 1) activity is an enzyme responsible for the anti-oxid...

ea0020p86 | Thyroid | ECE2009

A comprehensive surgical approach of persistent cervical papillary thyroid carcinoma based on initial surgery and modern preoperative imaging modalities

Benmiloud Fares , Taieb David , Sebag Frederic , Henry Jean-Francois

Context: Reoperative surgery is the most efficient treatment of cervical persistent thyroid carcinoma. The extent of the surgery should be guided by the preoperative imaging findings, the primary surgery and the patient’s prognosis. However, there is no consensus concerning the optimal surgical strategy.Objective: Primary objective was to evaluate morbidity of a reoperative surgery. Secondary objectives were to evaluate performances of preoperative ...

ea0020p87 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Long-term exogenous subclinical hyperthyroidism is not associated with decrased bone mineral density in men with differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Colome Eulalia , Reverter Jordi L , Holgado Susana , Puig Rocio , Alonso Nuria , Sanmarti Anna

Objectives: To determine the effect on bone mineral density (BMD) of the sub clinical hyperthyroidism (SH) due to TSH-suppressive treatment with levothyroxine after thyroidectomy in men with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC).Materials and methods: Cross-sectional and retrospective study in 32 men (56±14 years) treated with levothyroxine for a minimum of 5 years, with TSH concentrations <0.05 mUI/ml and normal T3 levels in all determinations...

ea0020p88 | Thyroid | ECE2009

What is the outcome of combined therapies in amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis?

Trifanescu Raluca-Alexandra , Ursu Horea , Purice Mariana

Objective: To assess the outcome of medical and ablative therapies in amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis (AIT).Subjects and methods: Seventy patients (32 M/38 F, aged 59.7±1.4 years) with AIT (24-type 1, 20-type 2 and 26-mixed forms) were followed-up 13.4±2.3 months. TSH was measured by immunoradiometric assay, TT3 and TT4 by chemiluminescence.Results: Antithyroid drugs (ATD) were used as single thera...

ea0020p89 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Our experience in visualization of non-radioiodine-avid differentiated thyroid carcinoma (NRADTC)

Podgajny Zbigniew , Kaminski Grzegorz , Szalus Norbert

Introduction: Lack of radioiodine uptake in differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) is a big diagnostic and therapeutic problem. This sign is associated with worse prognosis. In NRADTC patients with elevated thyreoglobulin levels with no evidence of disease in radioiodine scintigraphy, scintigraphy with the somatostatin analog labeled with 99mTc seems to be an alternative imaging method.Aim: Assessment of scintigraphy with the somatostatin anal...

ea0020p90 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Long-term follow-up of antithyroid peroxidase antibodies in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Agbaht Kemal , Dagdelen Iffet , Gullu Sevim

Background: Although a number of studies show that the serum levels of antithyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPO-Ab) in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis decline during levothyroxine treatment, only a few provide quantitative data. The objective of the present study was to provide this information.Methods: This was a retrospective study of TPO-Ab concentrations in 44 women and 4 men (median age 45.5 years; range 17–76 years) with Hashimoto&#14...

ea0020p91 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Evaluation of chronic urticaria in patients with autoimmune thyroid disease

Vassilatou Evangeline , Hadjidakis Dimitrios , Mellios Anagnostis , Makris Michael , Chliva Ekaterini , Economopoulos Theophanis , Kalogeromitros Dimitrios

Background: Chronic urticaria (CU) is defined as recurrent episodes of hives with or without angioedema of at least 6 weeks’ duration; in almost 40% of the cases an underlying autoimmune process is implicated. Increased prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease (ATD) has been reported in patients with CU, however the clinical significance of this finding remains controversial. Moreover, data concerning the prevalence of CU in patients with ATD are few.<p class="abstext...

ea0020p92 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Autoimmune thyroiditis, Graves’ disease and cardiovascular risk factors

Neves Celestino , Alves Marta , Pereira Luis Miguel , Carvalho Ema , Pimentel Isolina , Carvalho Renata , Guimaraes Cristina , Ramos Joao Pedro , Carvalho Davide , Delgado Jose Luis , Medina Jose Luis

Aims: To examine whether treated autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT) and Graves’ disease (GD) are associated with increased cardiovascular risk factors.Patients and methods: We analysed the levels of total cholesterol (TC), HDL, LDL, triglycerides (TG), ApoB, ApoA1, Lp[a], homocysteine, CRP, folic acid and vitamin B12 in 50 patients with GD and in 130 patients with AIT, after normalization of thyroid function. Patients with GD were treated with propylthiou...

ea0020p93 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Current iodine status in Turkey

Erdogan Murat Faik , Agbaht Kemal , Altunsoy Tanju , Ozbas Sema , Yucesan Fatma , Tezel Basak , Sargin Canan , Ilbeg Ibrahim , Artik Nevzat , Kose Rifat , Erdogan Gurbuz

Surveys for the assessment of the iodine status, carried out between 1997 and 1999 in Turkey showed that the country was severe to moderately iodine deficient. (National median UIC 36 μg/l, goiter prevalence % 31.8). Therefore, a national IDD control program had been implemented and mandatory salt iodization were applied by July 1999 with 50–70 mg/kg KI or 25–40 mg/kg KIO3 to the household salt.Objectives: To evaluate the curren...

ea0020p94 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Results of the 2007 follow-up monitoring survey for iodine status in Turkey

Erdogan Murat Faik , Agbaht Kemal , Altunsoy Tanju , Ozbas Sema , Yucesan Fatma , Tezel Basak , Sargin Canan , Ilbeg Ibrahim , Artik Nevzat , Kose Rifat , Erdogan Gurbuz

Objectives: Assessment and monitoring which are two major components of a sustainable programme to eliminate IDD is being performed in Turkey since 1997. The initial survey, for the assessment of the iodine status, carried out between 1997 and 1999, showed that the country was severe to moderately iodine deficient (national median UIC: 36 μg/l, goiter prevalence % 31.8). Therefore, a national IDD control program had been implemented and mandatory salt iodization were appl...

ea0020p95 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Evaluation of metabolic and endocrine complications in β-Thalassemia major: cross sectional study of 65 patients

Najafipour Farzad , Bahrami Amir

Introduction: Blood transfusion is critical for survival in Thalassemia major. Hypertransfusion therapy increased the frequency of complications due to iron overload. The aim of this study was evaluation of endocrine disturbances in patients with thalassemia major older than 10 years old.Materials and methods: Fifty six patients with thalassemia major greater than 10 years enrolled. Patients have been examined to determine their pubertal status and stand...

ea0020p96 | Thyroid | ECE2009

When antithyroid drugs must be started in patients with hyperemesis gravidarum?

Najafipour Farzad , Bahrami Amir

Hyperemesis gravidarum is characterized by prolonged, severe nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy that. It occurs in about 1.5% of pregnancies and is more common in Asian women than in white women. Many patients do not need anti thyroid drugs, except in patients with severe nausea and vomiting and thyroid dysfunction after 18–20 weeks of pregnancy.Material and methods: One hundred and thirty-five patients with hyperemesis gravidarum whom admitted ...

ea0020p97 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Frequency of metabolic syndrome in hypothyroid patients

Ganidagli Sencer , Erdogan Mehmet , Kosenli Aybike , Kulaksizoglu Mustafa , Solmaz Soner , Sokmen Nebi , Canataroglu Abdullah

Objective: One of the common features of hypothyroidism is weight gain or failure to lose weight. Also bradycardia and mild hypertension can be seen. Impact of thyroid hormone deficiency on glucose and insulin metabolism is not fully understood. Thyroid hormones play role in lipid synthesis, metabolism and mobilization. Metabolic syndrome is a state which most features of hypothyroidism can be seen. Our aim is to investigate the frequency of metabolic syndrome in hypothyroid p...

ea0020p98 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Lipid oxidation, antioxidants and paraoxonase enzyme activity in subclinical thyrotoxicosis

Solati Mehrdad , Atai Ladan , Azizi Fereidoun

Patients with thyroid dysfunction are more susceptible to oxidative stress, and may show enhanced LDL-C oxidation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate serum paraoxonase activity and antioxidants in patients with endogenous subclinical hyperthyroidism.Forty-one subclinical hyperthyroid patients, 30 women and 11 men, aged 47±13 years, and 40 age and sex matched healthy controls were studied. Serum paraoxonase activity, lipid, lipoprotein, oxidiz...

ea0020p99 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The prevalence and the significance of nodular thyroid disease (NTD) in thyroid autoimmune disease (TAD)

Zosin Ioana , Cornianu Marioara , Vlad Mihaela , Balas Melania , Golu Ioana , Amzar Daniela , Schmidt Roland

The aim of this study was to analyze retrospectively (2003–2007) the coexistence of NTD with TAD (Graves’ and Hashimoto’s diseases) in an iodine-replete area.The first study group included 381 cases with Graves’ hyperthyroidism, not previously treated with surgery or radioiodine therapy. The second group comprised 213 patients with hyperplasic Hashimoto’s disease and heterogeneous functionality.NTD was diag...

ea0020p100 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Correlation of sonographic findings with thyroid function and autoimmune activity in patients with vitiligo

Layegh Parvin , Layegh Pouran , Rad Masoud Pezeshki , Sahebalam Ahmad , Layegh Parvaneh , Shakeri Mohammad Taghi

Introduction: Vitiligo is an acquired depigmenting disorder due to destruction of melanocytes. Most authorities believe that the most important pathogenetic mechanism of the disease is autoimmunity. Other autoimmune disorders such as thyroid autoimmune diseases occur commonly in association with vitiligo. This study was designed to determine the role of thyroid ultrasonography as a noninvasive and cost effective diagnostic method for early detection of thyroid disorders in pat...

ea0020p101 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Thyroid node pathology: correlation between cytology, histology and radiology using a new cytological classification

Castells Ignasi , Pardo Nuria , Franch Guzman , Simo Olga , Recasens Asumpta , Guirao Xavier , Gimenez Gabriel

Introduction: A modification of the cytological classification from the ‘British Thyroid Association – Royal College of Physicians’ has been adapted for reporting fine-needle-puncture (FNP) cytology results since 2004 (Thy score). Five diagnostic categories have been agreed by our multidisciplinary committee: Thy1, inadequate sample; Thy2, benign; Thy3 indeterminate; Thy4, suspicious; Thy5, malignant.Aim: Evaluate the correlation between c...

ea0020p102 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Levothyroxine suppression treatment for benign thyroid nodules alters coagulation

Demir Tevfik , Akinci Baris , Comlekci Abdurrahman , Karaoglu Oguzhan , Ozcan Mehmet Ali , Yener Serkan , Yuksel Faize , Secil Mustafa , Yesil Sena

Objective: Endogenous hyperthyroidism is associated with altered coagulation. The aim of the present study is to investigate the effect of levothyroxine (LT4) suppression treatment for benign thyroid nodules on coagulation system.Design: Prospective case-control study.Patients: Thirty consecutive euthyroid pre-menopausal women with nodular goitre disease and 28 healthy controls were included in the study.Meas...

ea0020p103 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The role of large-neddle biopsy (LNB) in thyroid nodules: validation with surgical results in more than 100 cases

Paja Miguel , Perez-Yeboles Josu , Sanchez Maider , Izuzquiza Ana , Ugarte Estibaliz , Zabala Rosa , Lopez Jose I , Oleaga Amelia

Fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) remains the mainstay in the study of thyroid nodules, with cytologic adequate specimens in almost 85% of cases in expert hands. Apart from the limitation of inadequate samples, there are false negative diagnoses in some cases, particularly in larger (>3 cm) nodules. Considering this, Large-needle biopsy (LNB) could be useful to improve diagnostic precision. We review the pathology reports (PR) of more than 100 patients operated since ...

ea0020p104 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Ca 19-9 levels in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Sezer Kerem , Ozkaya Mesut , Cakal Erman , Akbay Esen

Introduction: Carbohydrate antigen 19-9 (CA 19-9) is a glycosphingolipid of the Lewis blood group that for years has been proposed as a useful marker for epithelial type gastrointestinal cancers. It is well known that moderately increased concentrations of CA 19-9 can be found in 15–36% of patients with benign conditions such as pancreatic, liver, biliary diseases and benign hydronephrosis. In current study, we aimed to investigate whether there was any tendency CA 19-9 e...

ea0020p105 | Thyroid | ECE2009

No associaton of CTLA-4 gene polymorphism with Graves’ disease in Turkish population

Kilic Leyla , Yarman Sema , Vural Burcak , Ozbek Ugur

Graves’ disease (GD) is an autoimmune and polygenic disorder. The genetic loci conferring susceptibility need to be still defined. Cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4) gene has been reported to be associated with GD in various ethnic groups. The aim of the present study was to determine whether CTLA-4 gene was associated with GD in Turkish population. We evaluated the allele distribution of the following loci: CTLA-4 exon 1 (+49 A/G) and promoter (−318 C/T) reg...

ea0020p106 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The ratio of malignancy in patients who underwent thyroidectomy due to follicular lesion/neoplasia

Gul Kamile , Sen Didem Ozdemir , Baser Husniye , Erkan Ali , Ersoy Reyhan , Cakir Bekir

Objective: We aimed to evaluate the frequency of malignancy in patients with follicular lesion or follicular neoplasia in cytological examination.Method: About 29 patients who had follicular neoplasia or follicular lesion in cytological examination after ultrasound guided thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) were included in the study. Histopathologic results were evaluated after thyroidectomy in all patients.Results: There...

ea0020p107 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Concomitant thyroid carcinoma and Hashimoto thyroiditis: effect of thyroiditis on ultrasonographic and histopathologic features of nodules

Gul Kamile , Tuzun Dilek , Dirikoc Ahmet , Kiyak Gulten , Ersoy Reyhan , Cakir Bekir

Objective: Incidence of concomitant thyroid cancer and Hashimoto thyroiditis (HT) is found to be 0.3–58% in different series. In this study, we aimed to find out HT incidence in thyroid cancer patients in our clinic and we tried to determine ultasonographic and histopathologic features of tumor in these patients.Method: About 165 patients diagnosed with thyroid carcinoma between 2005 and 2008 were included in the study. Patients with Graves’s d...

ea0020p108 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Quality of life changes, clinical outcomes and radiation protection issues in thyroid cancer patients undergoing radioiodine remnant ablation with recombinant human thyrotropin: a randomized controlled study

David Taieb , Frederic Sebag , Maria Cherenko , Karine Baumstarck-Barrau , Farman-Ara Bardia , De Micco Catherine , Henry Jean Francois , Mundler Olivier

Background: Recombinant human TSH (rhTSH) has become the modality of choice for radioiodine remnant ablation of residual thyroid cancer tissue in low-risk patients.Methods: The FACIT-F was administered from the early postoperative period to 9 months. Socio-demographic parameters, anxiety and depression scales were also evaluated. At 24 h, 48 h and d6 post-therapy, dose rate were measured. Using a simplified model, radiation exposure to public was estimat...

ea0020p109 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Incidental and nonincidental papillary thyroid microcarcinomas in the material of Endocrinology Clinic and Institute of Pathology, Targu Mures

Szanto Zsuzsanna , Kun Imre Zoltan , Jung Janos

Objective: To study thyroid microcarcinomas in surgical samples obtained by thyroidectomy.Material and methods: We studied 311 patients thyroidectomized for different thyroid diseases in 2007, histology being made in the Institute of Pathology Tg.Mures.Results: Surgery was made for uni- and multinodular goiter in 278, for Graves-disease in 28, and for other forms of hyperthyro-i-dism in 5 cases. Thyroid cancer was diagnosed in 65 c...

ea0020p110 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Erythrocyte membrane cholesterol concentration in patients with hyperthyroidism

Lempesopoulos Constantinos , Timbas Constantinos , Parvouleskou Georgeta , Yalouris Athanasios

Background: Cholesterol is a major component of the cell membrane. It plays an important role in its physiology affecting vital properties, such as membrane fluidity, cation transport, cell receptors, osmotic resistance etc. Abnormal conditions that change serum cholesterol concentration (SC) can also alter erythrocyte membrane cholesterol concentration (EMCC) possibly resulting in differentiation of several membrane functions.Aim: To investigate whether...

ea0020p111 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Association of thyroid function tests with thyroid malignancy

Gul Kamile , Ersoy Reyhan , Dirikoc Ahmet , Oguz Ayten , Tuzun Dilek , Baser Husniye , Cakir Bekir

Objective: Role of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in thyroid oncogenesis is not clear. There are few trials about relationship of TSH, thyroid hormones and autoantibodies with malignancy. We aimed to investigate thyroid function tests and malignancy in patients evaluated in thyroid disease council and decided to be managed with thyroidectomy.Method: About 272 patients were included in the study. Hyperthyroid and hypothyroid patients, patients on <smal...

ea0020p112 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Preoperative thyroid problems in a cardiovascular hospital

Yazici Dilek , Tuncer Eylem , Mataraci Ilker , Erentug Vedat

Changes in thyroid hormone function may have deleterious effects during cardiovascular surgery. Thus meticulous endocrinology consultation is demanded preoperatively. Thyroid dysfunction may present as subclinical or overt hypothyroidism, subclinical or overt hyperthyroidism, euthyroid sick syndrome, nodular goitre or minor elevations in thyroid hormone levels with normal TSH. The aim of the study was to determine retrospectively the prevelance of thyroid dysfunction in patien...

ea0020p113 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The changes of the IL-2,IL-4,IL-12, TNF-α and IFN-γ levels with L-thyroxine treatment in patients with Hashimoto's throiditis

Guclu Feyzullah , Ozmen Bilgin , Kirmaz Cengiz , Kafesciler Sabriye , Taneli Fatma , Hekimsoy Zeliha

Background: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a chronic autoimmune thyroiditis. It is the most common cause of primary hypothyroidism in adolescent period, via autoimmune thyroid tissue destruction and affecting 2% of the population. In this study we want to investigate the role of the cytokines such as IL-2, IL-12, TNF-α and IFN-γ in the pathogenesis of the disease and the changes of cytokine levels with the L-thyroxine treatment....

ea0020p114 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Analysis of demographic and clinical factors, affecting the outcome of radioiodine therapy in patients with hyperthyroidism

Kanpska-Kucharska Malgorzata , Oszukowska Lidia , Karbownik-Lewinska Malgorzata , Lewinski Andrzej

Introduction: The influence of demographic and clinical factors on the outcome of 131I therapy in hyperthyroid patients has been examined, based on a retrospective evaluation of results obtained in patients, submitted to 131I treatment. The goal of the study was an analysis of factors, including the age and sex of patients, disease duration time, as well the hormonal status before 131I application, which could have influenced the effects of the...

ea0020p115 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Thyroid function and volume disorders correlates with IQ in mental retard children (interim report)

Bazrafshan Hamid Reza , Vahedi Syrous , Jafari Ghiam , Maleki Ali Reza

Background and objectives: Goitre is still one of endemic health problems in Gorgan city after one decade of universal salt iodization in Iran. Hypothyroism have different complications in children that between them, developmental disorders of CNS are so important. This study proposed to determine that prevalence of thyroid function and volume disorders and its correlation with IQ in the mental retard (MR) children.Material and methods: This cross-sectio...

ea0020p116 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Application of flow cytometry for evaluation of the phenotype of lymphocytes, present in the thyroid glands of patients with lymphoma in extrathyroid localisation

Adamczewski Zbigniew , Dabrowski Jan , Lewinski Andrzej

Introduction: Cytological diagnostics has got an established position in thyroid diseases. In the recent years, attempts have been undertaken to use the biological material, left in needles after cytological preparation is ready, to obtain additional diagnostic data.Goal of study: The goal of the study was evaluation of the possibility to use the results of fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) for confirmation of either the presence or the absence of lym...

ea0020p117 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Subjective and objective sleep evaluation in patients with hypo- and hyper-thyroidism

Riganti Fabrizio , Noi Fabiana Di , Seardo Maria Angela , Gramaglia Elena , Bonelli Nadia , Rossetto Ruth , Ghigo Ezio , Broglio Fabio

Hyper- and hypo-thyroidism are considered as clinical conditions of sleep alterations. At present, however, these clinical reports have never been confirmed by studies providing a structured description of subjective and objective sleep quantity and quality. To this aim, we enrolled 15 patients with naïve overt hyperthyroidism (HYPER), 9 with naïve overt primary hypothyroidism (HYPO) and 15 healthy age-, sex- and BMI-matched control subjects (CS). Clinical conditions...

ea0020p118 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Demographic, clinical, laboratory, ultrasonographic and cytological features of patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: results of a university hospital of 769 patients in Turkey

Erdogan Mehmet , Erdem Nihat , Cetinkalp Sevki , Ozgen Gokhan , Saygili Fusun , Yilmaz Candeger , Tuzun Mehmet , Kabalak Taylan

Background: We investigated the demographic and clinical features of patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis who had been diagnosed and treated in Ege University, the main referral center in the Aegean region of Turkey.Methods: Medical records of patients who had been followed in the endocrinology clinic of Ege University were retrospectively evaluated. Patients who had been diagnosed as having any thyroid disorder were determined. Patients with Hashi...

ea0020p119 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Assessment of the thyroid hormone’s profile during pregnancy

Hubalewska-Dydejczyk Alicja , Kostecka-Matyja Marta , Pach Dorota , Buziak-Bereza Monika , Trofimiuk Malgorzata , Gil Justyna , Polak Edyta

Introduction: In accordance with a rising number of pregnant women with thyroid gland dysfunctions, The Thyroid Gland’s Disorders Outpatient Clinic for Pregnant Women has started its activity in our Endocrinology Department in January 2008. Patients with or without thyroid gland dysfunction in history have been under medical care.During pregnancy thyroid gland is prone to the number of physiological changes, which cause difficulties in the interpret...

ea0020p120 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Seasonal occurrence of Graves’ disease and associated orbitopathy at diagnosis

Campi Irene , Vannucchi Guia , Covelli Danila , Curro Nicola , Dazzi Davide , Beck-Peccoz Paolo , Salvi Mario

A seasonal occurrence of Graves’ disease (GD) has been reported in previous studies, with a peak of frequency in the warmer half of the year (Ford 1988, 1991, Westphal 1994) or the period of the year with a higher iodine intake (Phillips 1985); other studies (Facciani 2000) have failed to find a different seasonal occurrence of Graves’ orbitopathy (GO). Aim of the present study was to evaluate a possible seasonal difference in the onset of GD and GO in a series of ou...

ea0020p121 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The incidence of thyroid cancer in the North-Eastern Region of Poland: a twelve year follow-up

Zonenberg Anna , Telejko Beata , Nikolajuk Agnieszka , Siewko Katarzyna , Zimnoch Lech , Dadan Jacek , Kinalska Ida , Gorska Maria

Before the introduction of mandatory salt iodination in 1997 the North-Eastern Region of Poland was known to be a moderate iodine deficiency area. It was also exposed to ionizing radiation after the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the descriptive epidemiological features of incident thyroid cancers diagnosed among the residents of this area between 1996 and 2007. The Regional Cancer Surveillance Program was used to collect data on 834 n...

ea0020p122 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The TSH receptor antibody levels (TSHRAb) and thyroid function after 131I therapy in patients with Graves’ disease – 10 years follow-up

Kijek Jolanta , Tarach Jerzy S , Kurowska Maria , Szymanek Bozena

Aim: The aim of the study was the evaluation of the TSHRAb level changes and the comparison with thyroid function in patients with Graves’ disease treated with 131I 10 years ago.Material and methods: The study has been conducted in 67 patients (57 women, 10 men) aged 27–72 y (mean 48 years) with Graves’ disease.All patients were treated with 131I due to hyperthyroidism confirmed by fT3, fT4 and ...

ea0020p123 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The outcome of radioiodine therapy in Graves’ hyperthyroidism: thyroid size as prognostic factor

Kijek Jolanta , Tarach Jerzy S , Kurowska Maria , Jankowska Helena

Aim: The aim of the study was the evaluation of the relationship between thyroid size and the result of radioactive iodine therapy in patients treated due to Graves’ hyperthyroidism.Material and methods: The study group included 150 subjects (127 M and 23 F), aged from 20 to 78 years (mean 48.33 years) at the moment of 131I therapy.In all patients the thyroid technetium-99m scan and determination of the serum levels...

ea0020p124 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Prognostic role of sub-clinical hypothyroidism in chronic heart failure outpatients

Guastamacchia Edoardo , Triggiani Vincenzo , Iacoviello Massimo , Guida Pietro , Forleo Cinzia , Catanzaro Raffaella , Tafaro Emilio , Favale Stefano

The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic role of subclinical hypothyroidism in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). We evaluated 338 consecutive outpatients (260 male; age 64±13) with stable CHF (NYHA class 2.3±0.6) receiving conventional therapy (ACE inhibitors and/or ARBs 93%, Beta-blockers 88%, Digitalis 26%, Diuretics 85%, Spironolactone 54%, Amiodarone 32%). The patients underwent a physical examination, electrocardiography and echocardiography...

ea0020p125 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Cognitive functions and concentrations of thyroid hormones and thyrotropin in hyperthyroidism in the course of Graves’ disease

Jablkowska Karolina , Nowakowska Katarzyna , Klubo-Gwiezdzinska Joanna , Junik Roman , Borkowska Alina

Cognitive dysfunctions, observed in the course of thyroid diseases (hyper- and hypothyroidism), have – in the recent years – been the subject of interest for many research teams. Even mild disorders of thyroid functionality are associated with hormone concentration changes which affect the general mood and cognitive functions. The efficiency of cognitive functions, which allow the man’s adaptation to environment al conditions, is determined by the activities of ...

ea0020p126 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Antitumor effects of aminobisphosphonates on anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell lines

Pitrone Maria , Zito Giovanni , Carissimi Elvira , Bommarito Alessandra , Richiusa Pierina , Galluzzo Aldo , Giordano Carla , Pizzolanti Giuseppe , Bullara V

Anaplastic thyropid carcinoma (ATC) is one of the most aggressive endocrine tumors with morphological features of undifferentiated neoplasm. Patients with ATC have a poor prognosis with a mean survival time of 2–6 months. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy do not improve survival rate. Bisphosphonates, analogs of endogenous pyrophosphates in which a carbon atom replaces the central oxygen atom, are successful agents for the prevention and treatment of postmenopausal o...

ea0020p127 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis morpho-functional and immunological aspects

Crista Corina , Zosin Ioana , Marginean Otilia , Micle Ioana

The study group consists of 159 cases of chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (CAT) (age =40.48±15.22 years; F/M=156/3) distributed in 3 groups after the morpho-functional criteria: CAT with goiter – 48.43% cases (F/M=77/0); atrophic CAT – 33.33% cases (F/M=52/1); asymptomatic CAT – 18.24% cases (F/M=27/2). The thyroid ultrasonography allowed the thyroid volume measurement and the evaluation of the parenchyma echogenicity. Most of the cases presented a moderate (...

ea0020p128 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Coexistence of hyperparathyroidism and non-medullary thyroid carcinoma

Alevizos Leonidas , Markogiannakis Haridimos , Kekis Panagiotis , Papadima Artemisia , Sigala Frantzeska , Filis Konstantinos , Toutouzas Konstantinos , Manouras Andreas

Background – objective: Medullary thyroid carcinoma and hyperparathyroidism coexistence is well described in the literature. On the other hand, data regarding the coexistence of non-medullary thyroid cancer and hyperparathyroidism are scarce. The aim of this study was to evaluate the occurrence of such coexistence.Methods: This is a retrospective study of all patients with primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism who underwent parathyroidectomy in o...

ea0020p129 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The effect of radioiodine therapy in patients with non-toxic goitre

Abdelrazek Saeid , Rogowski Franciszek , Zonenberg Anna , Gorska Maria Maria , Szelachowska Malgorzata Malgorzata , Szumowski Piotr Piotr , Frackiel Malgorzata Malgorzata , Siewko Katarzyna , Karolczuk-Zarachowicz Malgorzata Malgorzata

There is no consensus regarding the optimum treatment of benign non-toxic goitre. Randomised studies have shown that levothyroxine has poor evidence of efficacy and is inferior to radioiodine therapy regarding goitre reduction.The aim of our study was to assess the efficacy of radioiodine therapy (RIT) to reduce thyroid volume with minimal risk of hypothyroidism in patients with non-toxic nodular goitre.Material and methods: During...

ea0020p130 | Thyroid | ECE2009

A case of complete deficiency of total thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG) associated with Graves’ disease

Kim Doo-Man , Kim Hyeon Kyu , Yoo Soon Jib

Thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG), the major transport protein for thyroid hormone in circulation, is synthesized in the liver. Complete TBG deficiency was first reported in 1964, and in 1991 a single nucleotide deletion was found in the first base of the codon for amino acid 352 of the common-type TBG molecule. This mutation causes a frameshift in translation and premature termination. Most people with abnormal TBG concentrations are euthyroid. Cases of Graves’ disease wi...

ea0020p131 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Regression of pulmonary arterial hypertension after treatment of hyperthyroidism

Quidute Ana Rosa , Paiva Joyce , Fernandes Virginia , Ponte Clarisse , Magalhaes Rejane , Montenegro Renan , Farias Ana Gardenia , Sobrinho Carlos Roberto Rodrigues , Junior Renan Montenegro

Several pathological processes contribute to the development and progression of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), which is a disorder with high morbidity and mortality rates. However, although cardiac manifestations are common in hyperthyroidism (HT), they have been seldom described in association with HT. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate echocardiographic parameters in patients with Graves Disease (GD) during uncontrolled hyperthyroidism and after its re...

ea0020p132 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Thyroid function, serum lipids and insulin resistance in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis

Neves Celestino , Alves Marta , Pereira Luis Miguel , Pimentel Isolina , Carvalho Ema , Carvalho Renata , Guimaraes Cristina , Ramos Joao Pedro , Carvalho Davide , Delgado Jose Luis , Medina Jose Luis

Objective: The aim of this study was to examine the hypothesis that thyroid function, in euthyroid subjects with autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT), is associated with insulin resistance, serum lipid concentrations, and other cardiovascular (CV) risk factors. Subjects and Methods: We recorded thyroid function tests, BMI, insulin resistance markers comprising the Homeostasis Model Assessment for insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), the Quantitative Insulin Sensitivity Check Index (QUICKI), ...

ea0020p133 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Association of HTLV-I with autoimmune thyroiditis in patients with myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis and in HTLV-I carriers in Mashhad, North East of Iran

Taghavi Morteza

Objectives: There are some reports about association of autoimmune thyroid diseases with human T cell leukemia virus type I (HTLV-I) infection. The objective of this study was to estimate the seroprevalence rates of anti-thyroid antibodies in HTLV-I carriers and HTLV-I-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP) patients in Mashhad, north east of Iran, to determine any association between HTLV-I infection and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT).<p class="abs...

ea0020p134 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Influence of thyrometabolic state on distribution of subpopulations and fenotypes of dendritic cells in peripheral blood of the patients with chronic thyroiditis and patients monitored because of differentiated thyroid cancer

Dedecjus Marek , Stasiolek Mariusz , Brzezinski Jan , Selmaj Krzysztof , Lewinski Andrzej

Considering, the pivotal role of DC in formation and development of autoimmunological processes, the investigation of influence of of thyrometabolic status on maturation and function of subtypes of human peripheral blood DC, seems to be reasonable and of particular interest. THE AIM of the present study was a complex analysis of the dendritic cell subsets and fenotypes in patients with chronic thyroiditis (ChT) as well as the patients monitored for differentiated thyroid cance...

ea0020p135 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Evaluation of cyclins a and b1 expression in classical and nonclassical variants of papillary thyroid carcinoma

Naze M , Dedecjus M , Stasikowska O , Sporny S , Brzezinski J

The loss of regulatory control of the cell, leading to unrestrained cell proliferation, is a hallmark of cancer. In a number of cancers, over expression of cyclin A and cyclin B1 proteins has been reported and in some instances the level of expression correlated well with the grades of malignancy. In the present study, we analyzed, by immunohistochemistry, the expression of cyclins A and B1, proteins enable passing G(2)-restriction point, in different histological variants of ...

ea0020p136 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Alterations in TSH and thyroid hormones following mobile phone use

Mohammad S , Mortazavi J , Habib Asadollah , Ganj-Karimi A H , Doost Razieh Samimi

Background: In recent years, the widespread use of mobile phones has lead to a public debate about possible detrimental effects on human health. In spite of years of research, there is still a great controversy regarding the possibility of induction of any significant physiological effects in humans by microwave radiations emitted by mobile phones. This study is an attempt to investigate the effects of electromagnetic fields induced by GSM mobile phones on the TSH and thyroid ...

ea0020p137 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in the elderly women of Iran

Niafar Mitra , Aliasgharzadeh Akbar , Bahrami Amir , Najafipur Farzad

Objectives: The present study aimed to investigate the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in the elderly women of Tabriz city, the largest city in North West Iran.Design: Cross-sectional study.Setting and participants: By using the records of the local household registry, a sample of 1150 subjects was drawn by simple random sampling. After the exclusion of nonresponse subjects, 1000 subjects aged between 60 and 89 years (mean 64.5&#...

ea0020p138 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Experimental method of post-surgery hypothyroidism treatment

Astapenko Sergey , Kostyrnoy Olexandr , Butyrsky Olexandr , Shestopalov Dmytro

Growth of morbidity with thyroid nodes and increase of thyroidectomy in Ukraine up to 4000–5000 annually forces to find more efficient methods of correction of post-surgery hypothyroidism as the most frequent complication after thyroid surgery. In 10–20% of cases reach adequate euthyroidism by exogenous L-thyroxin is impossible.Methods: Experiments were performed on A (control) and B (experimental) groups of dogs (20). All were m...

ea0020p139 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Physical and psychological well-being in adults with thyroid abnormalities

Mlawa Gideon , Bodmer Charles , D'Souza Ryod

Background: Patients with thyroid abnormalities often also suffer with anxiety and depression. Our objectives in this study was to investigate prospectively the effect of thyroid dysfunction per se on quality of life and levels of depression and anxiety.Methods: A total of 102 patients who were referred to thyroid clinic were enrolled in the study in consecutive order. Enrollment criteria comprised patient aged 20–60 with no major life events, previ...

ea0020p140 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Anemia frequency and etiology in primary hypothyroidism

Kosenli Aybike , Erdogan Mehmet , Ganidagli Sencer , Kulaksizoglu Mustafa , Solmaz Soner , Kosenli Ozgun , Unsal Cagatay , Canataroglu Abdullah

Objective: Thyroid hormones directly or indirectly, through erythropoietin, stimulate growth of erythroid colonies. Anemia is often the first sign of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can lead to a wide variety (%20–60) of anemic disorders. Numerous mechanisms are involved in the pathogenesis of these anemias which can be microcytic, macrocytic and normocytic. Microcytic anemia is usually ascribed to malabsorption of iron and loss of iron by menorrhagia. Macrocytic anemia is...

ea0020p141 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Thyrotropin suppression by metformin in a cohort of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer in follow-up

Citarrella Roberto , Puleo Luciana , Chiofalo Francesco , Smeraldi Lucia , Nucera Miriam , Richiusa Pierina

Background: It has been reported that metformin might modify thyroid hormone economy. This farmacological tool appears very useful in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer usually receiving high Levo-tiroxine (L-T4) doses to suppress thyrotropin (TSH). In those patients that after five years of follow-up showed no persistence of disease, it’s useful to abolish the iatrogenic hyperthyroid condition.Objective: To evaluate metformi...

ea0020p142 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Human thyroid tissue HCO3-ATPase in norm and pathology

Koshoridze Nana , Chipashvili Manana , Menabde Keti , Kuchukashvili Zurab

Scientific literature contains data on HCO3−-activated and Mg2+-stimulated ATPase detected in various tissues of vertebrate animals, specifically in the pancreas mucus, liver, kidneys, erythrocytes, diaphragm and various structures in the brain. It has been discovered that maximum enzymatic activity is characteristic to secretory tissues.The nature and function of this ferment has not been fully discovered, although...

ea0020p143 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of thyroid hemiagenesis: ultrasound screening in patients with thyroid disease and normal population

Gursoy Alptekin , Anil Cuneyd , Unal Asli Dogruk , Nar Asli , Tutuncu Neslihan Bascil , Erdogan Murat Faik

Objective: Thyroid hemiagenesis is a rare form of thyroid dysgenesis, in which one thyroid lobe fails to develop. The true prevalence of this rare abnormality is about 0.05–0.2% in normal population. We aimed to determine prevalence of thyroid hemiagenesis in patients with various thyroid disorders and a normal population in a mild to moderate iodine-deficient area.Subjects and methods: The clinical and thyroid ultrasonography records of 4.833 patie...

ea0020p144 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Targeted high-risk case finding of thyroid dysfunction in an Iranian pregnant population

Mahoori Khatereh , Zahedani Mohsen Dehghani , Azinfar Azadeh , Solati Mehrdad

Introduction: To evaluate efficacy of universal screening versus high risk group screening for thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women.Method: From February to July 2008, prospective study was performed on 608 pregnant women in Bandar abbas, Iran. All of pregnant women were tested for T4, T3, T3RU, FTI, TPO Ab in the first pre natal visit. Then, were assigned into two groups in order to have positive history of thyroid dysfunction or first degree family hi...

ea0020p145 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Assessment of biochemical parameters during Levothyroxine replacement therapy in hypothyroid patients

Mijovic Romana , Medic-Stojanoska Milica , Curic Nikola , Tonic Stanislava , Kovacev-Zavisic Branka , Djilas-Todorovic Ljiljana

Aim of this study was to evaluate biochemical parameters of thyroid gland function, used in evaluation of levothyroxine (L-T4) dose titration during a long time period in hypothyroid patients.Patients and methods: About 32 hypothyroid women were included in our study. All patients were euthyroid for a long time, treated with levothyroxine replacement therapy, taking an individually titrated daily dosage (50–100 μg). Blood samples...

ea0020p146 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Nondiagnostic fine needle aspiration biopsy results

Gul Kamile , Aydin Cevdet , Balkan Fevzi , Erkan Ali , Ersoy Reyhan , Cakir Bekir

Objective: Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) is a reliable and safe method to distinguish benign and malignant thyroid nodules. FNAB has two major limitations: nondiagnostic and suspicious cytology results. There is uncertainty about clinical approach to the nondiagnostic FNAB in thyroid nodules. Our aim was to evaluate the ratio and reasons of nondiagnostic results, and the ratio of malignancy in these nodules.Method: About 2082 patients and 3404 nod...

ea0020p147 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Concurrency of primary hyperparathyroidism and thyroid diseases

Gul Kamile , Ersoy Reyhan , Korukluoglu Birol , Ersoy P Eren , Aydin Raci , Belenli Olcay K , Ugras Nevzat Serdar , Cakir Bekir

Objective: Thyroid diseases are reported to be in 22–70% of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) patients in different studies. Thyroid pathology is detected during neck exploration in some of these patients. In this study we aimed to investigate thyroid pathology in patients operated for PHPT in our clinic.Method: About 32 PHPT patients were included in the study. Patients were evaluated with thyroid function tests, antithyroglobulin antibody, antith...

ea0020p148 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Incidental thyroid carcinoma in patients with thyrotoxicosis

Isik Serhat , Berker Dilek , Aydin Yusuf , Ozuguz Ufuk , Akcil Gulhan , Delibasi Tuncay , Guler Serdar

Objective: Thyroid malignancy detected incidentally in patients who underwent surgery for thyrotoxicosis has been reported at different rates. The aim of this study was to investigate the rate of incidental thyroid carcinoma (ITC) in thyrotoxic patients underwent surgery in our institution.Methods: The prevalence of ITC was investigated in patients who underwent surgery for Graves’ disease (GD), toxic adenoma (TA) or toxic multinodular goiter (TMNG)...

ea0020p149 | Thyroid | ECE2009

The influence of radioiodine therapy on some parameters of oxidant/antioxidant balance in patients with toxic nodular goitre

Abdelrazek Saeid , Rogowski Franciszek , Zonenberg Anna , Szelachowska Malgorzata , Gorska Maria , Nikolajuk Agnieszka , Parfienczyk Adam , Szumowski Piotr , Frackiel Malgorzata , Karolczuk-Zarachowicz Malgorzata

Oxidative stress plays an important role in hyperthyroidism-induced tissue damage.We aimed to determine whether radioiodine therapy has benefit effect on the oxidant and antioxidant status in patients with toxic nodular goitre.Material and methods: We studied 40 patients with toxic nodular goitre, (31 female, 9 male), aged 21–65 years. 12 normal adult volunteers (age and sex-matched) were studied as control group. All the pati...

ea0020p150 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Fever in the debute of the diffuse toxic goiter

Kamynina Tamara , Gubkina Valeria , Dreval Alexander

Aim: To pay attention to the so rare symptom of diffuse toxic goiter (DTG) as fever.Materials and methods: We report about 5 patients (all females, aged 18–38, mean – 31). Before, all patients were examined for fever of unknown origin of long duration. After the others reasons of the febrile body temperature were excluded, DTG was diagnosed. DTG was confirmed by the results of the clinical, hormonal and immunological investigations (T- and B-ce...

ea0020p151 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Efficacy RAI in patients with Graves disease using different methods calculation of optimum therapeutic activity I131

Nechaeva Olga , Dreval Alexander , Chikh Irina , Komerdus Irina , Shestakova Tatiana

The aim of the study is to compare efficacy of RAI in patients with Graves disease using different methods calculation of optimum therapeutic activity.Methods: About 60 patients (50 women, 10 men, mean age 44.8±11.8 years) with Graves decease were treated with RAI. The treatment with ATD was cancel 10 days before RAI to restore the iodine intake by thyroid gland. Therapeutic activity was determent individually 1) with applied the special formula in ...

ea0020p152 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Comparing the Outcome of radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism in a Jordanian and British cohorts

Omari Ahmad , Haddad Fares , Malkawi Omar , Thaw Jonathan , Jennings Paul

Radioactive iodine (RAI) has been in use for more than 60 years with satisfactory results RAI and safe profile, there has been a different outcome of treatment in different ethnic groups. We assessed the demographic features and clinical outcome of a Jordanian and British cohorts of patients treated with RAI.Methods: Hyperthyroid patients who opted RAI as a primary therapy and those who had relapse after treatment with antithyroid drugs (ATD) or h...

ea0020p153 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Primary hyperparathyroidism and synchronous thyroid disorders: a single center experience

Gedik Arzu , Aksoy Duygu Yazgan , Harmanci Ayla , Yildiz Bulent Okan , Bayraktar Miyase

Background: High association of concomitant thyroid and parathyroid disorders has been reported. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and characteristics of thyroid disorders associated with primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) in Turkey, a country with mild iodine deficinency.Material and method: We retrospectively reviewed the records of patients diagnosed with PHPT between 1980 and 2007 at our clinic and analyzed the data related to thy...

ea0020p154 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Primary thyroid lymphomas

Guimon Amada , Moure Dolores , de Azua Teresa Ruiz , Santamaria Javier , Gaztambide Sonia

Primary lymphomas of the thyroid are uncommon tumours, constituting fewer than 2% of all thyroid malignancies. For this reason their clinical features are not very well known. It seems that most of them arise in patients who have chronic autoimmune thyroiditis.From our patients with primary thyroid cancer since 1995, we selected those with pathological diagnosis of thyroid lymphoma. Epidemiological data, clinical features and response to treatment were a...

ea0020p155 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Iodine metabolism in hyperthyroidism

Kijek Jolanta , Tarach Jerzy S , Kurowska Maria , Chrapko Beata

Introduction: Iodine is critical for thyroid morphology and function. On the one hand, iodine is a factor leading and permitting to origin of disturbances of thyroid follicular cells function, on the other hand, it’s therapeutic agent.Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate iodine metabolism in different forms of hyperthyroidism and to analyze relationship between metabolism and thyroid size and function.Material and methods...

ea0020p156 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Analysis of ghrelin and obestatin levels in children with thyroid disease

Bossowski Artur , Sawicka Beata , Szalecki Mieczyslaw , Urban Miroslawa , Rogowski Franciszek , Koput Alicja , Zelazowska-Rutkowska Beata , Tobolczyk Jolanta

Thyroid disease let to change of weight – in hyperthyroid body mass is reduced, but in hypothyroid it is increased. Recently researches suggest that many new bioactive substances, like ghrelin and obestatin, play a role in regulation of body mass. These closely related hormones have paradoxically different effects- ghrelin increases, but obestatin decreases appetite. The aim of the study was to evaluate ghrelin and obestatin levels in young patients with untreated Graves&...

ea0020p157 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Bronchiectasis as a false-positive on Iodine-131 scintigraphy in thyroid papillary carcinoma- three case reports

Martins Anabela , Rosario Francisco , Garrao Antonio , Quaresma Pedro , Ferreira Teresa , Santos Rita , Bugalho Maria , Leite Valeriano

Introduction: After treatment with Iodine-131(I-131) in differentiated thyroid cancer, a diagnostic scintigraphy is performed. We selected three cases in which bronchiectasis appear as a false-positive on the scintigraphy after treatment with I-131.Case reports: Three women, respectively 62, 64 and 65 years old, being followed in the Endocrinology Department of our Institute, with the diagnosis of papillary carcinoma of the thyroid, were submitted to I-1...

ea0020p158 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Combined doxorubicin and hyperfracionated radiation therapy of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: case report

Martins Anabela , Rosario Francisco , Trindade Candida , Santos Rita , Bugalho Maria , Leite Valeriano

Introduction: Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, either by its low frequency, or by its poor prognosis, is still as a therapeutic challenge. One of the options available is the combined chemoradiation therapy, the basis of the following case.Case report: Male patient, 76 years old, with a history of neck swelling for 4 months. The cervical ultrasound showed a nodule in the right lobe of the thyroid with 7 by 5 cm and the cytology revealed follicular tumor. Su...

ea0020p159 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Three cases with thyroid lymphoma

Yilmaz Banu Aktas , Kan Erdal , Toruner Fusun Balos , Karakoc Ayhan , Benekli Mustafa , Cakir Nuri , Buyukberber Suleyman , Arslan Metin

Thyroid lymphomas are very rare diseases of the thyroid.We present three patients with thyroid lymphoma administered our department last year. Two of the patients presented with rapidly enlarging neck mass with pressure symptoms, and the other was diagnosed during the evaluation of a thyroid nodule. Two patients had the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis diagnosis. All the patients underwent surgery, since no exact diagnosis could be established with fine feed...

ea0020p160 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Autoimmune thyroid disease functional evolution: the role of thyroid volume

De Remigis Pierluigi , Parisi Gaetana , Consiglio Teresa , Ciccarone Elisabetta , De Remigis Alessandra , Vianale Luigi , Frajese Gaetano

Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (ATD) is associated with normal thyroid function (type 1) in most cases with variable incidence of functional evolution toward either hypo (type2, A or B if present or not goiter) or hyperthyroidism (type3).To study the evolution of thyroid function in a longitudinal study, along a scale of six years, in relationship to thyroid volume, 128 subjects (80 females and 48 males), aged from 28 to 78 years, were considered, with the f...

ea0020p161 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Predictors of incidental parathyroidectomy during thyroid surgery

Michalopoulos Nikolaos , Alevizos Leonidas , Markogiannakis Haridimos , Memos Nikolaos , Giannopoulos Aggelos , Malachtari Sofia , Kekis Panagiotis , Manouras Andreas

Objective: To identify incidental parathyroidectomy predictors in thyroid surgery.Methods: All thyroid operations during 4 years were reviewed (n=1010). Patients were divided in those with (parathyroidectomy group) and without incidental parathyroidectomy (no-parathyroidectomy group).Results: Incidental parathyroidectomy occurred in 198 patients (19.6%). The groups were comparable in age, thyroid weight and pathology, hypert...

ea0020p162 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Thyroid surgery with the new harmonic scalpel: a prospective randomized study

Alevizos Leonidas , Michalopoulos Nikolaos , Markogiannakis Haridimos , Memos Nikolaos , Tsamis Dimitrios , Linardoutsos Dimitrios , Kekis Panagiotis , Manouras Andreas

Background-objective: Although the harmonic scalpel has been shown to be safe and effective in thyroid surgery, several surgeons consider the previously available instruments to be large and cumbersome, especially in terms of dissection capabilities. To this context, an innovative technical improvement of the device for thyroid surgery has very recently been implemented and has been made available in 2008. Utilization of this new device, however, has not been evaluated in any ...

ea0020p163 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: the value of antithyreoperoxidase antibodies measurement

Peretianu Dan , Carsote Mara , Samoila Ramona , Ene Cristina , Alexiu Florin , Poiana Catalina

Introduction: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is a part of the spectrum of thyroid autoimmune diseases. Even the proper diagnosis is obtained by pathological exam; usually the detection of high serum antithyroid antibodies is enough to diagnose the disorder. It also represents the most frequent cause of hypothyroidism in non-iodine deficient areas. Nevertheless the presence of the antithyroid antibodies does not always correlates with thyroid dysfunction.Ai...

ea0020p164 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Propylthiouracil-induced anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies positive vasculitis

Alves Marta , Neves Celestino , Magalhaes Angela , Varela Ana , Guerra Fernanda , Pereira-Monteiro Lidia , Carvalho Davide , Morais Paulo , Calistru Ana , Braudier Teresa , Mota A , Capela J A , Couto P S , Ramalho R , Ramos J P , Guimaraes C , Delgado J L , Medina J L

Introduction: Graves’ disease treatment with antithyroid drugs may be associated to several side effects. Vasculitis development is rare.Clinical case: The authors present the history of a 41-year-old woman with Graves’ disease followed at endocrinology consultation since February 2004. Three years and a half after starting treatment with propilthiouracil (PTU), she developed eritematous and itching stains in the inferior limbs that spontaneous...

ea0020p165 | Thyroid | ECE2009

New clinical feature in hypothyroidism: paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia: case report

Olarescu Cristina , Ghervan Cristina , Hazi Georgeta , Duncea Ileana

Background: The aim of this case report is to underline the possible etiological link between paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) and hypothyroidism, although supraventricular arrhythmias are ordinary features of hyperthyroidism. We present the case of a patient with repetitive episodes of PSVT whose autoimmune hypothyroidism was diagnosed and thyroxin replacement therapy leaded to remission of arrhythmia.Methods: A 47 year old women with a lo...

ea0020p166 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Frequency of subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) and autoimmune thyroiditis (AT) in pregnancy

Uricoechea Hernando Vargas

Background: The frequency of SH and AT in pregnancy is of the 3%, and diagnosis is determinant because of the high risk of complications (postpartum hemorrhage, abruptio placentae, gestational hypertension in the mother and disordered brain development and/or intrauterine growth retardation in the fetus).Objective: Determine the frequency of SH and AT in 300 pregnant women.Materials and methodology: About 300 pregnant women were sc...

ea0020p167 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Evaluation of thyroid disorders in patients with alopecia areata

Layegh Pouran , Layegh Parvin , Sadeghi Narges , Khajedaluee Mohammad

Introduction: Alopecia areata is a common disorder presenting with severe hair loss in a specific site. This condition is usually accompanied by autoimmune diseases such as autoimmune thyroiditis, lupus erythematosus, vitiligo, myasthenia gravis, diabetes type II, etc. Considering high incidence of thyroid disease in Iranian population, we decided to evaluate the frequency of thyroidal diseases especially autoimmune thyroiditis in patients with alopecia areata.<p class="ab...

ea0020p168 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Unsual onset of subacute thyroiditis

Stoica Ioana , Plesa Alina , Ciobanu Delia Gabriela , Dinu Roxana , Zbranca Eusebie , Vulpoi Carmen

Subacute thyroiditis (SAT) is a self-limited inflammatory disease of presumed viral etiology, characterized by pain and thriphasic functional thyroid evolution. We report the case of an 54-years-old woman hospitalized in 02.2008 at the Gastroenterology Department for fever, diahreea, significant weight loss (5 kg in one month), with the suspicion of Crohn’s disease (CD). Two weeks before she presented a subfebrile episode with bilateral jugular lymphadenopathy, dysphagia,...

ea0020p169 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Frequency of thyroid function test abnormalities in an open population in Queretaro, Mexico

Osorio Ma. Ludivina Robles , Montiel Hebert Luis Hernandez , Sainz Juan Carlos Solis , Solis Pablo Garcia , Silva Ernesto Francisco Sabath , Lomeli Adrian Hernandez , Maya Victor Eduardo , Ramirez Nestor , Gonzalez David , Alcantara Alejandro

It is important to know the prevalence of common diseases in every country in order to guide us to take decisions regarding public health benefits in screening, in Mexico we do not have information regarding thyroid abnormalities.Methods: We designed a cross-sectional study in the city of Queretaro (Mexico) in order to know the prevalence of altered thyroid function tests in our population, since we do not have any previous study. We calculated the sampl...

ea0020p170 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Primary cavernous hemangioma of the thyroid gland

Michalopoulos Nikolaos , Papadima Artemisia , Lagoudianakis Emmanuel , Panoussopoulos Sotirios-Georgios , Toufektzian Levon , Alevizos Leonidas , Markogiannakis Haridimos , Manouras Andreas

Background: Hemangiomas of the thyroid gland are extremely rare.Case presentation: We report a case of a 78-year-old euthyroid male patient with a primary cavernous hemangioma of the thyroid gland. The patient presented for evaluation of a symptomatic, slowly growing neck mass. He did not have any previous medical history and, moreover, had no history of trauma, FNA or other neck procedures. Ultrasound scan revealed a multinodular goiter and a hypoechoic...

ea0020p171 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Heart ischemic disease patients with mild thyroid failure

Volkova A , Grineva E , Krasilnikova E

It is well known that subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) more often can be revealed in patients with heart ischemic disease (HID). Mild thyroid failure can cause decrease of catabolism at atherogenic lipoproteins, decrease of cardiac output and diastolic disfunction of left ventricle. Results of coronarography (CG) can reliable reflect the severity of coronary atherosclerosis. It seems to us very important to compare the results of CG with TSH level and lipoproteins in heart isch...