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Experimental method of post-surgery hypothyroidism treatment

Sergey Astapenko , Olexandr Kostyrnoy , Olexandr Butyrsky & Dmytro Shestopalov

Crimean State Medical University, Simferopol, Ukraine.

Growth of morbidity with thyroid nodes and increase of thyroidectomy in Ukraine up to 4000–5000 annually forces to find more efficient methods of correction of post-surgery hypothyroidism as the most frequent complication after thyroid surgery. In 10–20% of cases reach adequate euthyroidism by exogenous L-thyroxin is impossible.

Methods: Experiments were performed on A (control) and B (experimental) groups of dogs (20). All were made thyroidectomy to model hypothyroidism. Removed thyroid was cut into plates and undergone for cryopreservation (−196 °C). In the group B thyroid tissue was exposed to processing by oxygen under pressure 3 atm in pressure chamber before freezing and before transplantation. In both groups on the 20th day after surgery we made thyroid autotransplantation. All the dogs before surgery, on the 40th and 60th day after thyroid removal determined clinical signs and hormones level (TSH, T4).

Results: By the end of the 2nd week after thyroidectomy all the dogs had the symptoms of hypothyroidism: weight loss, decrease of fatty tissue thickness, decrease of T4, and increase of TSH.

Dynamics of hormonal status of animals

Before surgeryOn the 40th dayOn the 60th day
TSH, mUn\l0.5±0.050.5±0.050.65±0.050.58±0.020.8±0.030.65±0.03
T4, nmol\l33.6±0.0433.6±0.0429.6±0.0431.6±0.0226.4±0.0428.6±0.04

Conclusions: (1) We improved the method of thyroid autotransplantation and treatment of post-surgery hypothyroidism in experiment.

(2) Our method of thyroid tissue cryopreservation under hyperoxygenation is simple, oxygenated thyroid graft functions more efficiently: T4 on the 40–60th day exceeds the control group for 8%, TSH is averagely less for 12%.

This method of hypothyroidism treatment enables to restore physiological hormonal status of experimental animals.

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