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Endocrine Abstracts (2009) 20 P435


Virgen Macarena Hospital, Seville, Spain.

Objectives: The daily diabetes hospital (DDH) is a functional device that offers to diabetics a close and customized attention by specialized staff. The objective is to evaluate the welfare activity, the diagnose and educative program of the DDH in 2007.

Methodology: The following parameters have been analyzed: attended users, origin, main reason for consultation, previous Hba1c and to the 3 months, number revisions, income avoided, derivation place, telematic attendance, diabetologic education sessions.

Results: 1. Patient attended: Of 698 new patients and 3646 revisions were seen (3.4 new/17.8 revisions per day) with a 48.2±19.4 average age. The average HbA1c was: 8.8±2.6%. In 2007 there was 93 diabetic debuts (36.5% DM1, 41.9% DM2 and 21.5 DM2 insulin dependents). By type of diabetes we classified in: DM2 49.7%, DM1 31.4%, and gestational DM (GD): 16.2%. Origin: Endocrinology (EEC): 34.5%, emergencies: 28.4%, gynecology: 12.3%, hospitalization: 8.2%, primary attention (PA): 7% and external consultations: 4.3%. Derivation place: Of 27.4% in revision, 47.3% derivatives to the EEC, 17.2% to PA, income 0.1%, exitus 0.5% (oncology). Avoided income: Of 66, 43 debuts, 9 hyperosmolar decompensations, 14 ketosis hyperglycemic. Precocious discharges of planta/observacion: 78. Attendance telematics: telephone attendance 24 h and emminens conecta plus program. Types of treatment: Basal 47%, three mixtures 22.4%, two mixtures: 4.6%, Basal+OAD: 5%, insulin pump: 4.2%, Exubera: 2.6%.

2. Diabetological education (1970sessions): Of 18% in group and 82% individual. Type of programs: basic education, DM1 debut, insulin pump, GD and diabetes and adolescence.

3. Tests you diagnose (1965): MAP: 88 accomplishment+interpretation (R+I); glucose sensors: 6 (R+I), EKG: 131, pulmonary function: 200; HbA1C, glycemia, ketonemia: 755; advanced test for neuropathy: 86; ECODOPPLER MMII: 6; RETINOGRAPHY 215 (R+I); Impedianciometria: 169.

Conclusions: 1. DDH is a useful instrument for the integral attention of DM1 debut without criteria of hospitable entrance, diabetes and pregnancy, decompensation of diabetes that not require entrance, welfare continuity to the hospitable discharge and treatment with insulin pumps.

2. DDH is a more adapted tool to make the individual and group education.

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