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Testosterone serum level in haemodialysed male patients positively correlates with adequacy of dialysis

Małgorzata Ga¸siorek 1, , Marek Maciejewski 1, & Krzysztof Marczewski 1,

1Department of Nephrology, Endocrinology, Metabolic and Internal Disease with Dialyses Unit, Voivodeship Hospital of Pope John Paul II, Zamosc, Poland; 2University of Management and Administration, Zamosc, Poland.

Introduction: Hypogonadism in men is the increasing problem of the present medicine, specially concerning patients suffering from chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes, chronic kidney diseases. However, there are no enough data referring to haemodialysed patients and correlation with adequacy of dialysis was not found.

Aim: The aim of the study was to assess the gonadal status of male patients receiving dialysis in our ward with reference to parameters of adequacy of renal replacement therapy.

Material and methods: Gonadal status of 51 male patients aged from 31 to 80 (mean 60.55±14.3) was studied. All of them were receiving haemodialysis (3 times a week, 4–5 h for each procedure). Non-fasting plasma was analysed for testosterone, tPSA and luteinising hormone (LH). Dependence of androgens and tPSA levels upon the age and Kt/V was analysed.

Table 1 Outcome Spearman rank correlation for analysed parameters.
ParametersNR SpearmanT (N−2)P value
Kt/V & testosterone410.3207552.114860.040885
Kt/V & LH410.0114160.071300.943527
Kt/V & tPSA41−0.112646−0.707980.483168
Age & tPSA430.3571052.4480000.018734


Discussion: Complications observed in haemodialysed patients are results of persisting of renal failure or insufficient renal replacement therapy. This is the reason, that the laboratory tests in these patients must be analysed in reference to adequacy of dialysis. It is possible, that the results in various centres may be different, due to kind of renal disease, dialysis regime et ethnic factors.

Conclusion: In our group of haemodialysed male patients testosteron level is positively correlated with adequacy of dialysis.

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