Endocrine Abstracts (2009) 20 P588

Quality of life (QoL) in patients with Cushing's syndrome in a Spanish population: new experience with the CushingQoL questionnaire

Santos Alicia1,2, Resmini Eugenia1,2, Barahona Ma Joséa,2, Martí Camelia1,2, Farkas Cheryl1, Roig Olga1,2, Martínez Ma Antoniaa,1,2, Sucunza Nuria2, Badia Xavier2,3 & Webb Susan M1,2

1Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain; 2CIBER-ER Unidad 747, Barcelona, Spain; 3Health Economics and Outcomes Research, IMS Health, Barcelona, Spain.

Quality of life is impaired in patients who have suffered Cushing’s syndrome (CS).

Aim: Evaluate QoL with the new questionnaire CushingQoL in Spanish patients in a clinical practice setting and compare it with a generic QoL questionnaire, EuroQoL-5 Dimensions (5D) and its Visual Analogue Scale (VAS).

Patients and methods: Forty-three patients with CS (38 pituitary-dependent, 28 cured) were approached during their regular endocrine follow-up and asked to complete the EuroQoL and CushingQoL questionnaires.

Results: Mean EuroQoL-VAS in patients with cured CS (69.7+19.4) did not differ from that of active CS patients (63.9+22.3), while the CushingQoL score was signifficantly worse in active patients (62.8+20.7 vs 45+17.6, P<0.01). A positive correlation was observed between both questionnaires, both for the whole group of patients (r=0.635), cured (r=0.643) and active CS patients (r=0.648). The only dimension of the EuroQoL-5D questionnaire which was significantly less affected in cured than in active patients was that which referred to Usual Activities (P<0.035).

Conclusions: With the disease-generated CushingQoL questionnaire, patients with active CS have a greater impairment of QoL than patients in whom hypercortisolemia has been controlled. No difference was seen when the generic EuroQoL-VAS was used. Therefore, the CushingQoL questionnaire is more sensitive than the generic tool used to identify dimensions important for QoL impairment in patients with CS in a clinical practice setting. Study supported in part by the ERCUSYN PHP 800200 project.